552 got to go back?

Well having got my 552 and ps, back from a full service and dr, earlier this week, on first switch on the left channel was completely dead, i left it switched on and went back to work, but i did contact the dealer and told him off my problem, he then contacted naim and told them.
Anyway i got home from work about 5 hours later and it was all working fine, and its been like that till this morning, when i decided to turn it off, as i wanted to move the 500 up a level, after doing this, the left channel has gone again.
I have tried the 500 and its fine, all working fine when running direct from the rossini.
I have also tried and checked all the connections and all are in the right way, and nothing looks wrong, when i look at pins etc.

So it looks like its got to go back, which is a right pain and one i could do without having to sort out right now, but other than a faulty burndy cable, its got to be one off the boxes.
I can’t see how the burndy cable has gone, plus if you wiggle it about, nothing happens.
Anyway errrrrr is all i can say, and not a happy bunny after spending quite a bit off money on it.

Delivery companies can drop or damage stuff. Was the packaging undamaged?

Get your dealer to sort it out. Any work on a 552 is by its nature not a bargain basement repair.

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What a bummer. I am sure you’ll get it sorted out. Trouble is it has taken ages already. Ask your Naim dealer for compensation if the fault is with Naim. It’s not really acceptable with the prices you are paying for the DR.

I would be very pissed off mate. Best wishes in getting it sorted.

Someone has to look at it. It could be something else rather than the 552?

I had a similar issue… faulty mute relay if I remember correctly.

Doesn’t look like its been dropped.
As said system works fine wih the 552 not in the system.
Its something to do with the 552, 552ps or burndy cable.

If you turn the balanced right round to the left and crank it right up, you can very faintly hear the music, if you get up close to the speaker.

It is a shame as it certainly looks like its got to go back.

It’s very bad luck, but these things can happen. Phone your dealer this morning. The service is warranted and I’m sure it will be prioritised.

A free cost return would be the only fair solution. Shipping paid by Naim.

I thought these things are supposed to be thoroughly checked and tested before shipping ? I hope they are not dropping on their quality control.

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They are, but unfortunately it sounds very much like a stuck relay. No way to prevent that - when it wants to stick it will do so, and nothing can tell you whether or when it will happen down the road.


Hopefully get the ball rolling on this tomorrow, and get it booked back in with naim, thanks Richard for the message.
I know it will get sorted out ok, its just a pain after you have waited and looked forward to getting it back, but we will get there.

Its probably my fault, and the 552 is getting its own back, for me trying that vitus a few months back lol

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I would send off the Burndy cables for good measure. At least they can be tested for good health, just in case, and for peace of mind…

I did send them last time, the dealer removed them, as he said naim wont test them etc ?

Little update, its all boxed up and being collected tomorrow.
Its all going back, cables as well, just to be on the safe side.
Just wanted to thank naim for sorting out the collection asap, paul at hifi lounge for being the middle man, and Richard for taking the time to speak to naim, and also to me, as he didn’t have too.
Just looking forward to it returning once again.



I’m sure everything will work out 2nd time round Dunc. Fingers crossed.

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I hope so, but just seeing the dpd driver place my 552 box in the back off the van made me cringe, and that was with me right beside him. God only knows what they are like when no ones about.

You have got 4 transit screws on your side though.

I’ve seen Hermes drive off with parcels on the roof of the van :scream:

I recently walked out to meet a long van that had arrived to deliver a parcel.

The driver (who didn’t know I was coming out) was hurling small objects (presuambly parcels) - hard - into the corner of the van where one door was closed.