552 in "Display Off" mode - Why?

Suddenly it seems my 552 is in “Display off” mode and pressing the “disp” button on the remote won’t bring it back. Everything else works perfectly and the display does come appear momentarily when I intervene on the remote.

Why would that be?


Claude have you accidentally switched the display to ‘display off’ mode? Instructions to switch back to ‘display on’ mode are provided in the manual Section 14 (abstract below)


Press pre before disp, that should restore it.

My 552 sometimes has a mind of its own and will sometimes ignore the remote or continue with the last command when I’ve released the button. Compact flourescent lamps can interfere, so I’m told, but my lights are all LEDs now, however I’ve narrowed it down to the ceiling light which is a Fos globe with one of these in it.
When the 552 is playing up it behaves itself again when I turn this off.

Thanks for the answers, I had tried the “disp” and “preamp, display” solutions but neither had worked. Tonight I switched the 552PS off and then back on, and it worked.

It’s kind of weird, it had never done that before.


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The logic panel has been know to sometimes “lock up” or not function as intended on the 552 from a heavy static discharge. A power cycle clears it.

I see. So it’s a documented malfunction. The cure was simple. Thanks Richard

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