552 lost sound

Hi was having a good listen session and accidentally pressed prog… I tried to change the selection source and lost all aound perminatly. I did not realise I was in prog mode. How do I change everything back…can I do a reset. I think I have some how programmed it my source doh…


unplug it overnight. replug tomorrow. good luck.

Have you tried looking in the manual? It explains how to get into Prog mode and what to do from there. You can download a PDF version from the Naim website.

To enter and exit Program mode you just press and hold PROG.

It sounds like you may have changed the input asignments.

To restore all programmable settings to the factory defaults, press and hold the remote handset DISP key while the preamplifier is in program mode. The preamplifier will exit from program mode following this operation.

Cheers I will check it out…

Right really worried now… did the reset…but I cant get a peep out of it…I have tried all inputs.

What’s the source? Maybe you accidentally reprogrammed that instead to change output between RCA Phono and DIN. It has been done before - usually when you forget to select the correct softkey first (CD, PRE etc…) to tell the remote what device it’s programming.

Hi many thanks for reply…ok the ND555 is plugged into far end din … if you look at the back the far left.

This all happened when I accidentally pressed the wrong key in a darkened room

I was expecting the factory reset of input to correct things…

When I reset it displays cd - cd

How do I check the source switching out…

The manual is not helpful … the input selection has all sorts of sneaky capabilities…

I am completely fed up … no music this weekend!!! Great…

If you are connected to the DIN input of far right when viewing from the front, this is unallocated/dumb under factory settings. Try another one?

I am trying to get to the point where the 552 indicates on the rear panel which input is assigned. At the moment when cd - cd is lit at front the din led lights on the socket second from left.

Ok…the instructions are not clear… when I go into program mode…the led is lit over the wrong din… when I select my input. With the unit in program mode I cannot get the led to shift to my desired input…mono mute does not do anything…I am stuck

That sounds correct - i.e. default.

Make sure your source is outputting through the correct output (i.e. Din). Then try through the second input along on the NAC552 (default CD input). Make sure the NAC 552 in unmuted.

Ok let’s change tack I am that desperate…I am willing to reply my ND555 into an alternative socket…in default mode tell me which one to use corresponding to input selection on front. I used to use Aux2…

How do I check the output…this is my worst nightmare