552 lost sound

According to the Naim ND555 instruction FAQ:

Hi Richard…I need a step by step guide…the instructions are not clear to me…I cannot seem to scroll input to the required din it. Mute mono does nothing… in prog mode.

OK, if you mean the NAC552, then stick to the defaults first before trying to change inputs. Each front input button corresponds to an input on the back. You can see which is which by looking at the little green LED that lights up atop the sockets for each front button.

I sense some panic here Richieroo. Best take a deep breath, make a cup of coffee, get into a calmer place, which will really help in situations like this.

Hi Richieroo,

Switch your power amp(s) off & wait for them to discharge (or unplug your speakers).
Switch the 552PS off, switch it back on again while holding source mute.
Switch amp(s) back on.
This should set everything back to defaults, so CD will be input 2, tuner input 3 etc. through to input 7.


Ok I will give you an example of my frustration…I clicked on settings for nd555 no option available for audio…so that is not right…

When I checked mine a few years back, I went slowly and allowed gaps between presses on the front panel. I found the unit was slow to respond. If I pressed without a delay, nothing happened. I also used a small mirror to save leaning over the rear of the unit.

IIRC, slowly is better.

Hi Neil tried that nothing … I am so fed up…its back to the dealers it’s useless. I am switching it all off… I am that pissed off

@Richieroo - to be 100% clear which # DIN input is the ND555 plugged in to and what designated button has it been set to (CD?).

As above, factory settings are for DIN 1 to be unallocated/dead.

Plug the ND555 din into input 2 on the NAC, which is by default CD on the front. Do a complete reset again and it should work. This is my setup.

As I posted above, in really frustrating situations such as this, I find it a good idea to walk away for 10 minutes or longer , have a cup of tea or coffee and try to get to a calmer place. Then come back and then work through patiently and methodically.

Do you have any other source? Even an iPod or something like that just to see whether the issue lies with the ND555 or NAC552.

When looking at back the extreme left din

That’s Input 1 - not enabled by default - try the next DIN along & CD on the front.


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Thank you cd does work!!! Which is the best input for the ND555

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I would say any of the DIN inputs are best.

Enjoy your music!


Thank you so much

What other inputs do you have plugged in to the back of the 552?

If only the ND555, then I’d say stick with the CD/DIN2 (per factory settings).

I’m a tad confused as to how/why the ND555 was connected to DIN 1 (far left from rear view - which isn’t ‘live’ per the factory settings - I assume Naim have a very good reason for this).

Thats a relief you almost put me off buying one😬


I guess it would be logical to try and use the input that’s as far away from PSU Burndy connection as possible.

Bit late. The instructions tell you which button moves the front selection and which the rear. Both have lights. Exit program mode when the one you want is selected on front and rear.

My gripe about the instructions concerns the two inputs (AV and ?) which aren’t under the control of the volume control. Never use these for a normal source or the speakers are going to get a big wake up and everyone else.


Thank you for all your help … what gets me is that I cannot seem to jog the assignment using mono/mute so that the led at the back shuffles along to where you want it… the instructions are poor … I assume you are in program mode during this operation and I assume you press the button you want assigned then you move the lit led along…but it does not seem to work I think I am missing a step.