552 Phono input setting without Narcom-4

So I somehow misplaced my 552 remote as I’ve used my phone forever. I’m trying a Dave via phono sockets and need to assign the inputs to the front panel…
All I have are these:

Any workarounds, manual or otherwise?


I think so:

Lifted from the R-Com booklet (link below) i.e, the heavy one!

‘note: Preamplifier or integrated amplifier program mode can be selected from the R-com by pressing and holding the pre key. Program mode functions can then be accessed from the equipment front panel.’

How to Program is here - Page E3 near the front:

I know that the inputs can be assigned . . . but I’ve never done it. Which from time to time (after I move stuff around, etc.) leads to a fun game of hide-and-seek. “Which input is it on???” Que frantic button-pushing . . .

Because of course there is no “phono” labeled button, but I digress.


The R-Com can indeed set the 552 into program mode… Lights flashing, I never knew…

Thanks for the notes… also thanks to Chris at AV. options for the info on how to use the front buttons to program without the Narcom

The Dave and M Scaler are eye opening.

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