552 Phono inputs

Quick question on 552 Phono inputs (8 and 9),

if I want to connect a turntable to these phono inputs, do I still need a stageline ?

If yes, which version of stageline should I get ? Is stageline “S” the safest bet if I want to use Rega P9 with MC cartridge ?

thanks a lot.

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It’s a bit unfortunate that these are labeled “Phono”, but note that there is no “Phono” source selection button on the front. These “Phono” inputs are just high-level RCA plug inputs and I suppose labeled “Phono” because RCA plugs are often called that. They are just there so that you can connect a device that has no DIN output, like most non-Naim, with common RCA cables.

They are not for directly connecting a record player, but either a high-level source like a CD player or a phono pre-amp from a non-Naim manufacturer. However, with a fabulous preamp like the 552, even in these cases you should get a DIN-RCA cable and connect to the DIN inputs on the 552.

A Naim Stageline is possible to use as phono stage, but would be a bit of a shame on a 552. The natural partner would be a Superline. Both the Stageline and the Superline would connect to the Input 7 socket, which also supplies power to them.

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Of course, you’ll need to assign the inputs for 8/9. The manual is your friend here and also answers, in part, the query about what feeds these are for and how to hook-up a Stageline or Superline.

Section 4 applies.

Premplifiers Reference English Issue 1i.pdf (naimaudio.com)

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