552 preamp

Sounds like things are going swimmingly bruss. Makes me look forward to the arrival of mine even more!

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It continues giving.
Radio and EJ’s Circle of Life, not a favourite of mine, but the detail! There is an underlying bass repeat that I have never noticed before, a repeated da da dada. Subtle but now definitely there to be heard.

Did you buy brand new or exdemo,?

New from Naim.


How long did you have to wait.

A lifetime, or it seemed like it.

Ordered end of May, delivered end of October, from Martins HiFi Norwich. Good people to deal with.

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Yes I was told about 6 months for new order. I bought all my boxes new except the cds3. So hopefully I can get a exdemo 552 next year with cd555.

My 252 only took 3 weeks to arrive from Naim maybe I received a cancelled order?

@bruss @Hawkmoon same here: I had to wait very long. In the end my new 552 was delivered a month ago. Play almost continuously and am very happy with it. It is a bit more direct than the 252 but delivers a lot more detail, imaging and just authorization. Impressive pre-amp


I actually heard the 552 and the 252 on the same system in a demo over 2 years ago I think it was nd555 with 300dr with focal scala utopia, and the 552 sounded more musical especially in the bass region the 252 is very similar in sound but not as open, what I was hearing with the 552 was more open more separation bigger soundstage in saying all that the 252 is a very very good preamp. Good luck with your new 552. :+1:


I’m thoroughly enjoying my 4 week old 252DR, over the past day or so it has really opened up it’s an end game pre for me :grin:


It could be, or it could be a happy accident of timing just as DR modules or other key component arrived.

I still think that the scdr/252/250dr is the best sound per pound paid in Naims line up.


I said that too……

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I have my new 552 now for a number of weeks. It’s almost permanently playing and I believe it opened up quite well. The 552 replaced a 252, and accompanies a set around 300Dr/ND555/555PSDr with Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III.

Very happy with my 552; it brought another level of detail and is capable of really separating instruments. And all with so much authority; really the king in my living room delivering the music so easy that it seems effortless. Currently listening to Scott Hamilton « Live in London » and it feels they are just « with » me. Stunning. We have a nice hobby forum-members; nothing better than enjoying wonderful music at such good soundquality.



Looking lovely….enjoy👍

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Lovely photo IvdZ, walls / system looks fab! :partying_face: Enjoy Peter

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Somehow after living with a 252 and then my current 552 for about 4 years total, only this week have I experienced the balance issue at very low volume listening.

Was listening at really quite low volume and noticed that I needed to put the balance to about 2 o’clock. I’m just embracing it. “It is what it is.”

My ex demo 552 that I acquired from my dealer earlier in the year has jut been returned from Naim after loosing a channel.

In my system I always need the balance to be between 12 and 1 o’clock but found that with the 552 it was nearer the 2 o’clock position turns out that the balance control was not centred correctly this was sorted during the warranty repair along with new Volume and Balance knobs as Naim said the finish was sightly off ??.

After a couple of weeks it has settled down nicely and the balance is set just off the 12 o’clock position.

The 552 just brings more to the table the soundstage is absolutely superb you just hear more if everything a superb pre amp indeed.

I thought the blue alps pots were all the same model and grade from alps;just the best performing ones went to the 552, then 252 then 282?

Was it just the preamp which was returned, or did you have to return the PS too? Also were you given a loan preamp by our friends in Bath while your 552 was away? Interested just in case…