552 suddenly stopped working

I had a listening session this morning. When I stopped the listening session, I muted the 552 but when I came back a hour later, the front panel was dark. I looked at the 552PS and the Naim logo on the front panel was not lit. It looked like the 552PS was dead.
I checked the fuse but I don’t think it is the fuse as both fuses look the same to me.
Any idea what could have happened?
I guess it will require a trip back to the distributor for repair.

Probably a daft question, but you checked that the power switch was still engaged on the 552PS ? Although you say the fuses look the same (so presume intact), have you tried swapping them over ?

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Yes power switch was engaged. I turned it off when I removed it to check the fuses
Yes i swopped the fuses and nothing worked

Ah ok, checked the fuse in the mains plug ?

Powerline properly inserted?

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I’m in Canada. Don’t think there is a fuse in the mains plug.
Yes Powerline pushed all the way in.

Could the spare fuse also have blown in the past and not been replaced? I always check fuses with an ohmmeter, it’s not always easy to see if they are blown.

No, never had a blown fuse before.

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