552 upgrade DR

I thinking of upgrading my 552 to DR. Is it really worth it you think or is a recap sufficient?


Is the rest of your kit DR’d. Be worth putting what you are using on here as you don’t have it on your profile. :+1:t2:

My 500 is not DR’d yet. My NDS is with the 555PS DR.

I just recently serviced 552/552PS/500/500PS/555PS and did not go for the DR upgrade as I think the cost is to high. Very very happy with the setup now. I also think system balance is key to end result and if you are not prepared to DR whole kit, just service it. Just my humble opinion.

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Does anyone know the difference in price between a 552 service and DRing a 552.

I think I am correct in saying that if you have your 552 DR’d Naim will automatically service it too, although I believe you can have a 552 service without DRing it.

I personally think the dr service upgrade is at a point where you might as well wait for a good second hand one or even better ex demo as they will be younger.

Maybe, but with the 552 Service/DR, Naim replace all the critical components so you pretty well have close to a new unit. Swapping out your 552 you also run the risk of getting an example that, for whatever reason, doesn’t sound as good. 552s can vary slightly in SQ.

Although you have got me thinking Gazza….

Having just had my 552 serviced and dr’ed, I would certainly recommend it.
I had both my boxes serviced, as the Dr upgrade is just for the power supply and the 552 its self is not included in the Dr price to be serviced, just so you know.
Also my 552 was well over service and didn’t release just how bad it had become.
It’s a lot of money to get it all done, but for me we’ll worth it.
But if you are just looking at getting the power supply dr’ed, then maybe the bigger gain would be getting that 500 dr’ed, thats as long as you feel your 552 is in good health

Good to know the DR upgrade is not wasted money.

I contacted the dealer and I have a few choices. I don’t want to spend loads of money.
Recap the 500 and 552. Or DR the 552 only and wait for the 500 recap at a later date? I wil not DR the 500 as it is just too expensive.

That’s a shame Fred, as the 500 comes out as the most worthwhile of them all to DR IMHO. ATB Peter


As someone mentioned earlier, there is no DRing happening at Naim at present due to supply issues with the DR modules. Speaking with a dealer today, Naim recently had to return units to customers awaiting DRing due to these shortages.

You should of course double-check the current situation with your dealer.

Hi Fred, if you only DR one part of your system, make it the 500. For some reason, DRing this power amp brings the biggest benefit of all to virtually everyone I know who has DRed their 500 series systems on a step by step basis.

Best regards, BF

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Thanks for the help guys.

Just out of curiosity, does a recap benefit the sound quality?

Hi Fred, I wouldn’t bother unless the caps are performing below spec. This happened to my 500 with degradation of sound only after 8 1/2 years from new. I decided to also have it DRed at the same time- a wonderful upgrade that was :+1:t3:
I have actually never had a piece of Naim gear, which has lasted over 10 years, before I felt a service was required. In other words I would not have too much faith in the quoted 10-15 year service interval. As always your wallet will rule the game, but of course all the DR upgrades yield a better sound IMO. ATB Peter

Thanks Peter!

As someone who just finished recapping and DR’ing both 552 and 500 I agree with what was said above.


imho with the DR the NAP500 turns into a NAP600


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If you do not go all the way with the DR and the recap, it will be a constant itch. DR makes a big difference.