552 will it get another update?

Hi the 552 preamp is a fabulous preamp…but hey nothings perfect…and time and technology rolls on. So what would you see as a natural update… My vote would be essentially leave the circuits alone but maybe add a new ladder volume control…bringing the preamp that bit closer to Statement.


Plus redesign so that “reed” relays do not need to be used.


On my experience just lately, it could certainly do with a fresh look over it.

Dunc…why whats happened…???

Unfortunately the complete thread got deleted, so probably not best to go into all.

But i no longer have a 552dr

I assume a new ladder control would obviate the need for a balance control which would be great…

They could copy that from the Nait 5:


That’s not a good outcome.

Can only guess it was like a car which just had too many faults … and had to go…?

Err no, i had the relay issue straight after service.
But i didn’t get rid off it for that reason

So… are you willing to tell us… Why…?

Have to ask… Interwbzz…

He bought something non-Naim he prefers. Fair enough.

However he can’t help himself from chipping in now and again to remind everyone.


Chip in ?

Well i just agreed it could do with a re refresh.
I see you haven’t bothered to chip in about gazza remark or the original thread starter.

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Oh…wow what have you got now?

Hi Dunc no criticism here…just interested…I find the 552 mighty good…mine is a 2014 dr model no issues yet. I would imagine a relay issue would be a pain…and the turn around at the factory is pretty slow. Was your 552 left powered on all the time? Naim recon if the relays work fine after the 1st few months chances are the relays should be fine for many years…

I am waiting for a replacement for the 552 as well - the main improvements I would like to see is 1) the ladder volume control from statement, 2) a reduced gain structure.

I run very efficient speakers and while I like the sound of my 52/SC/250 with my Devore O/96 there is way too much gain allowing for little useable range on the volume control; coupled with reports on channel differences for the 552 at very low volumes that is a problem I am not willing to take on CAD$46k preamp. Luckily my 52 happens to be perfectly matched but usable volume range is between 7-7.30 on the dial. Both 1) and 2) would correct that.


Balance controls aren’t just for volume controls with poor balance…


I agree…I use the balance allot on my 552. I dont see why a digital volume control couldn’t give the same control over balance…

Sitting here tonight listening to Wilco on my 500 system, hard to imagine anything could sound better. I have no doubt Steve and the R&D crew at Naim are working on 500 series replacements. I’m sure we’ll see Statement tech “trickle down”. It will be great fun to hear what they come up with, but I suspect it will be a few years until we see new 500 series products.


I have just read an interesting artical on NVA amplifiers … (many years ago I tried their gear and it was very good) they have changed over to all acrylic cases and use non metal screws throughout. Their research has shown that there are significant sonic gains to be had reducing stray magnetic fields as far as possible…rather like DNM . Maybe this is an avenue Naim could invesitgate…however the prospect of a melted NAP500 does not warrant thinking about!!! :scream: Like you my 500 system sounds pretty fine to me… :cowboy_hat_face:

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I get a little confused when I see ‘Statement trickle down’ comments…I thought that the Statement is around 9 yrs old now (plus 3 yrs in development)…that’s some trickle… :man_shrugging: