552Dr/500Dr, upgrade from 252/300

Guys, I just bought blindly a gentle used 2017 552Dr/500Dr without demoing it due to my dealer is offering a good price.

Anyone can advise me what am I going to expect in terms of sounds improvement, coming from my existing 252/supercap (non-dr), 300 (non-dr)?
My source is NDS, speaker, B&W 803D3, SL speaker cable, SL 5 pin Din.

To be frank, I’m quite happy with my existing setup & wondering whether further sound improvement can be achieved by going to 500 series amp.

Hope the money is well spent.

I think you will love your new purchase, it will be pretty much better in every aspect.

In the immortal words from the Matrix “buckle your seat-belt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye bye!”

I moved from 252 / 300, both DR’d, and the difference was huge … I won’t indulge in the usual forum cliches, but you’re in for a treat … enjoy!

Grip, detail, musicality, excitment by the boatfull even though you’ve come from a decent base these units are next level as you would expect. It wont be subtle. Enjoy


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