555 power supply into 250DR?

Hi all,
At the moment I have 282/HCDR/250DR and I am toying with upgrading the pre to a 552.
On the Naim website connection guide and in any FAQ’s I can find on here it says you can use the 552 PS to connect to the 250DR.

BUT new 552 pre come with 555PS and that just has 2 burndie connections on it.

So my question is can I use a new 552 with 555 PS to connect to my 250 DR power amp now or will I need to upgrade power amp to 500 (which I was going to do further down the line anyway) ?

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The NAC552 preamp comes with its own 552 power supply. It can’t use the 555ps. The 555ps is used with Naim source components.

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You can use a NAC552 - powered by it’s own 552PS - with any NAP power amp including the 250.

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Thanks Gents, I must admit that is what I thought about the 555PS but I was talking to a dealer the weekend and he was saying the NAC 552 now comes with the 555PS as an upgraded PS. Seems he has the wrong end of the stick and led me up the garden path !

better avoid this dealer…


@biddler66 I would love to look at 552 in my system

however I feel upgrading your system with more balance would deliver better ££££ for music for now and work up to 500 NAP if thats your end goal

enjoy the journey

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555PS is a digital source PSU. It’s not for analog source or NAC. That’s why you only see the burndy connections.

Other than the NAC-N272 of course.

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If your dealer did indeed say that, possibly time to find a new dealer. As said the 552 comes with its purpose built 552PS and they are all DR now.
The 555PS is a completely different beast…

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