555 PS DR, would it's full potential be wasted on my NDX 2?

@Andyblain Without going off topic, how are finding the Kudos KS1 with your 606’s?

Last weekend at the Montreal Audiofest I heard the Statement system with Focal Maestro Utopia Evo speakers. Extraordinary sound and dynamics for sure and despite all the people gathering around after the demo, I think I could spot a bare NDX 2 used as a source! But I may be wrong…

They were good, but I’ve actually just upgraded them to Chord Sarum T. The new cables are in a different league, as you might expect, given the different price category. I would, however, recommend the KS-1 cable, which I’m in the process of selling.


I had a second hand 555ps to try out on my NDX 2 ( which has an XPS DR on out at present). This was at the same time I was demoing a 552DR (which I purchased). This was with my 300.

The 555 was good - it made the music slightly warmer, maybe more musical, but in the end I decided that it wasn’t worth the additional spend on top of the 552 I was considering.

It was a second hand 555, and had a very audible transformer hum, which might have factored into my thinking. I like to think that I might get an ND555 at some point in the future, but the 555ps as a stepping stone wasn’ta night and day improvement with NDX 2 (in my opinion)


Thank you @JonoB That’s interesting. I spoke to a dealer today who said, “Stick an XPS DR on the NDX 2 and replace the supplied grey interconnect and it’ll blow you away!”

Replace the supplied grey interconnect with what? I could be missing out here!

Something expensive but not necessarily better. Kerrrr-ching!!

Today I had further chats with two separate dealers, both suggested upgrading the source interconnect and also the audio cables from the 300 first. Then the power supply for the NDX 2.
Suggested cables ranged from Witch Hat Morgana to Chord Sarum T XLR and Super Lumina….Kerrrr-ching! :grinning:

That’s an interesting point. I recently demo’d a ND5 XS2 into a XS3/Neat Motive SX3. At the end of the demo the dealer fitted a different interconnect. It made a lovely difference, the ND5 XS2 sounded quite a bit different. I’m not sure I would want to pay the £2k that the Super Lumina cable cost, making the ND5 XS2 a £4k streamer, but it was interesting hearing how much more cohesive and musical (if I was to try and describe the difference) the streamer could sound if given the opportunity.


A XPS DR and Witch Hat Morgana cables is a lot cheaper than a 555PS DR !
I guess it comes down to your long term strategy, for your system. If, as I suspect you do not have a bottomless pit of money, or a money tree growing in your garden. Also, take into account that all the other components are not the best in there family line. Therefore, you would possibly have a more balanced system with NDX2 and i.e. Moragana’s, and money left in bank or no debt. You just have to come to terms with that you are not prepared to spend that amount of money for the gain you get. Finally, you will never own the best hi-fi system (whatever that is) in the world. :grinning:


@NoNaim…You have read my mind. In a way I have taken my eye off the ball. I’ve been buying black boxes right, left and centre and paying zero attention to cables.
We all have our personal views on cables, which should be respected. Some are happy with a £100 interconnect and many are happy to spend £2,000. The same goes with speaker cables.
I’m heading towards a XPS DR, as I have no intention of going down the ND555 route (Bet you’ve heard that one before! :grinning:) Along with some new, (not silly money) cables.

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I wonder if we have the same dealer as I had exactly the same experience. Apart from my will power being weaker and subsequently buying the Super Lumina interconnect. Lucky enough to be able to afford it but couldn’t go back - good dealer!!

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I’m ashamed to say I went to a new dealer (to me) for this demo. My usual one does not stock Vertere (the main reason I went to demo). For some reason I feel obliged to stick to one dealer, no real idea why!!

Is your dealer close to Harlow?!

The difference was more than I would have assumed. I see you have exactly that front end setup, it sounded lovely to me in that configuration!

Seems like the OP is looking at cables too, though I’ve bought upgraded cables before, this example really did take me by surprise. Just shows, demos are a great idea :slight_smile:

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I mostly use the Harlow dealer :wink:
However, not all dealers stock all the things we love. So, occasionally we have to ‘defect’.

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My dealer is certainly near Harlow, although I am not. The drive is worth it though!

I completely agree about the power of demos - at home or in store. There is always the thought that once something has been heard, it can’t be ‘unheard’, and who wants to listen to great Hi Fi and think about the upgrades that you know work, but you didn’t follow through on.

I’ve always avoided going to a demo unless I already have access to the funds. In this case, my dealer brought the cables to my house along with the amps he was installing so I was trapped! Happily my wife heard the difference too.


I’d like to thank everyone for their kind advice. Some great suggestions. :clap:

I’ve taken the plunge and purchased an ex demo XPS DR. Eleven months old and apparently in mint condition. At £2,999, I bit his hand off! Delivery should be Wednesday.
I have also purchased some Witch hat, Morgana cables for the NDX 2 and NAP 300. If I don’t like them, I can return them.

Thanks guys :+1:


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