555 ps or NAP300

My system is a 282 with a Supercap; a 250; Focal Kanta 2; and an NDX2. I’ve read great things about the upgrade from a 250 to 300 and also similarly great things from the XPS2 to the 555 ps. I hope to eventually have both, but any ideas on what I should go with first? The 555PS or the NAP 300?

As you have a don’t ask on the NDX2 … I think I would go down the NAP300 dr route…then eventually get the 555psdr for the NDX2… based on my humble experience with a 272 with 250dr going to a NAP500…

I am sure someone will disagree…but thats what I would do…

Having tried myself, at that time, this no name ps on my ex Cdx2, I was then so surprised at how better the XPS 2 sounded . Not speaking of the 555 dr, which will uplift very considerably your Ndx2. XPSDR too.
In that case I have to say “source first “.

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As you will end with both, begin with the best bargain price of one of these two, maybe.


Some great deals on ex demo gear just now what with the upcoming changes.

I had two telephone offers of ex demo 300DR from dealers recently.

Phone around?

What changes are coming? A new Classic series?

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upcoming changes sounds interesting?haha

I upgraded from the unmentionable to PS555DR on my NDS, and upgraded from 250DR to 500DR (not 300DR), so not exactly the upgrades you propose.

The power supply and power amp upgrades were both significant, but I went with the power supply upgrade first as I have always gone ‘source first’.

Both upgrades you propose make sense and both will bring a significant uplift IMO. If you plan to do both, I would take FR’s approach and go for which ever comes up first at a good price.

Do try to demo at home first, if you can.


I’d also go for whatever comes along at a good price if you eventually wish to do both.

I was in this position last week and got the better deal on a 300DR. My Dynaudio speakers really benefit from the 300 so I feel it was the right choice. Now on to the 555PS…eventually.


I’d go 555 first then 300 assuming a good deal doesn’t present itself.

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