555 PS...what are it's limitations?

I apologise if this is a silly question, but is a 555 PS able to run a NAC 282 as well as a NDX 2, at the same time?

The reason I ask, is that my system at the moment is a NAC 282, HiCap DR, NAPSC, 300DR.
As a temporary measure, I am using a RPi 4 with a HifiBerry DAC HD. However, I would like to purchase a NDX 2, but it would appear that to really make it shine, the addition of a PS would be most beneficial.

In an attempt to reduce the box count for my five shelf stack, is there a way to bin the HiCap DR and NAPSC, and just have a bigger, better PS? (555 PS)


No, the 555PS is just for either a suitable CD or Network player, Naim DAC, or else the NAC-N272 Network streamer pre-amp.

Thanks Richard :+1: I did think about a SN3 and a PS, but I’m told that as lovely as the SN3 is, it’s not a match for 282/300DR.

It isn’t no. But then the source is key…

There is only one real way to reduce box count in your Naim classic system and that is to leave Naim. I was left with the same dilemma due to (cannot comment at this time), so decided to look in a different direction. I know you could reduce to a Supernait 3, but when you add a NDX2 and power supply, plus power supplies for the Supernait - how many boxes? I wish you well in your search, but maybe a different strategy is needed.


Thanks Clint :grinning:…It may be the case of a taller, six shelf stack, or two smaller stacks. But, the latter will take up precious room space.

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Yes, I can only fit one Naim Fraim in my house.

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Yes, it is Richard. It can be a tricky one trying to get a balanced system.

As @NoNaim mentioned previously, the only way to reduce box count while keeping a certain level of sound quality is to leave Naim Audio for a different brand.

Naim is all about decoupling and placing the power supply in a different box.

  • Source : 2-3 boxes
  • Preamp : 2 boxes
  • Power Amp : 1-2 boxes

So, in the Classic or 500 ranges, you’ll end up with 5 to 7 boxes minimum.

Other brands offer equivalent, or better sound quality, in 2 a boxes setup. But at a cost…


Thanks @Thomas. I’m happy with Naim amplification, I think it’s what they do best.

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I think @Thomas is absolutely correct in his assertion. If you are happy with the Naim sound, then living with the extra boxes, as you say, is a trade off. However, there are people on here who would say they could get a superior system, with less boxes and less money.

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That’s what I always like,pay less but get more quality.

If possible, I’d take a bit more time and consider other options rather than rushing into buying an NDX2/555PS. You had the Bartok so were heading in a different direction front end wise so possibly a return to a Naim might not provide what you need.

I suppose the question is, where do you want to end up, particularly as you also seem concerned over the number of boxes you need to accommodate too ?

You do have a good point James. Like Naim streamers perform better with a separate PS, I’m told by many, that the Bartók performs better with their external ‘Clock’. Trouble is, that takes it to just over £18,000.

Another option would be a used Chord Dave and a dCS Network bridge (or a Sonore product). A below £10,000 alternative.

EDIT : there is a Chord Dave (black) on Audio-Markt for 6400 euros

I’m sure the Dave perform very well, but aesthetically I find it a tad ugly compared to Naim boxes. :grinning:


Why not buy a system where there are no add on upgrades available. Takes that itch away :blush:


Man up, you’re not choosing a handbag :slightly_smiling_face:


I found the £5.5k external DCS clock to make little difference to a Bartok when I tried it at a dealer, so there’s some funds you may be able to keep. To stay within Naim, perhaps exploit the potential of Naim half width boxes, so a great condition, factory serviced NAC72 with a HicapDR to save a shelf?

Naim is so missing a trick by not having more half width boxes.
You are far from the only person seeking to simplify. We are too, from a 4 box amplifier.

At least the amp is not as nuts as our 8 box streamer. Bonkers!

Best regards, BF


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