555 PS...what are it's limitations?

Thanks @Bluesfan. Are you on the dCS community site?

@DJM Would you consider a 250DR with your 282 plus then adding the NDX2/555PSDR?

I say this having owned lots of naim and various naim/chord dac combinations - The NDX2/555PSDR is an absolutely cracking source.


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I think this pretty much sums up the way it is with Naim. Given that the OP already has a 300, a good balanced place to end up would be 6 boxes, and if that’s too many for you, look for alternatives.
That would mean something like NDX2/XPS/252/300 which is an excellent, well balanced system.

For me, having done the DAC upgrade instead of PSU upgrade, I never had any intention of moving away from Naim, but it just made sense, one step at a time.
NDX/Hugo became NDX2/Dave, then I discovered I could lose the preamp (282) altogether. Finally, it seemed to make sense to move to a Chord power amp that was designed to match Dave, so that was the final step and I now run NDX2/Dave/Étude. Every step was a significant sound quality upgrade too, or I wouldn’t have done it, but 3 boxes instead of 6 really appealed to me.


Thanks @ChrisSU…As we speak, I’m watching Chord Dave reviews.

Is the 6 box Naim solution too many for you DJM ?

To me it’s the ideal well balanced system


How about a Linn Klimax renew? I don’t have any experience with these but they are well regarded, relatively inexpensive and just one box.

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@Bevo…No it isn’t, it’s just finding a place to house them correctly. I have a five shelf rack, and the dCS Bartok fitted perfectly. As I mentioned before, the upgrade path is their ‘Clock’, which I think is happy to sit under the Bartok.
When it comes to Naim, the NDX 2 sitting on a PS, is a no, no. Is it not?

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I’m not Bevo, but yes, it’s a no no.

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I have been giving serious thought to that. Not going to pay £30,000 though! :grinning:

There is very little info of what is under the hood of Linn products. Naim and other high end products give much more detail about the electronics and power supply of their units. Linn is a tad vague. So not too sure what I’m getting for my buck.

Thanks for confirming that Christopher :+1:

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I was thinking about the older Klimax Renew products which seem to go for ‘only’ a few grand. I know some people on this forum felt that they compared well to an NDS/555 which could take you slightly above an NDX2/555 in only one box?

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I have to say Allen…Having just seen the Dave in Black, it does look rather nice. It would need a decent Bridge to go with it, but then I’m back to more boxes than I’ve got shelf space for.

They can be quite small and don’t have to be seen. Here’s mine

Just a bit of ingenuity required. What about on the floor under your rack?

If you’re a bit paranoid about floor vibrations (like I would be), there are solutions …

I can see the HiCap, what are the other three small boxes?

No, as I ended up buying one of those ugly DAVE dacs with the Christmas tree light M Scaler :grin:

One day, when the piggy bank is replenished, I may simplify the streamer to something like the MSB Premier, the new Linn K thingy or a DCS Rossini + clock. However, that is certainly not this year.

Best regards, BF


Stuffed with ‘Tellurium Black’ speaker cable from the left speaker. :grinning:

We have a black DAVE with a Sonore opticalRendu. The oR is about the size of a packet of cigarettes, so easily fits alongside a DAVE on one shelf.

See, Rossini AND Clock. But I think they can sit on top of one another? :thinking:

The Linn K thingy…Do you mean the new £30,000 one? :grinning:

The Dave is a serious DAC. Does the Sonore do it justice?