555DR PS - Upgrades 272 analog or just digital sections?

Hi - Am a bit confused about the 555 power supply upgrade for a 272 streamer/preamp. Does it mainly affect the digital section of the 272, or does the analog section benefit as well? I do notice a very significant improvement for digital media, but not so much on vinyl. I have waited to ask until the Forum archive was available, but my search there didn’t seem to help. Grateful for any input - Thanks

Curious about this myself. I have 272/555DR combo and need to upgrade phono stage. I listened to system for 2 months before I added the 555, and when I added, it brought the system to a new level, both analog and digital.

I’ll be upgrading TT from a Pro-Ject debut, so I will be taking a giant step with analog. Should be fun.

For me adding a 555 after an XPS made a massive difference to all sources, if anything I found the analog inputs benefitted most. I use a Kilmarnock LP12 (Urika phono stage) into the 272 analog RCA input and it is my best source source. Hope this helps.

I wonder if adding the 555PS DR to a 272 brings the analogue section to the same level as a 282/SuperCap DR level albeit with a diffrent sound signature.

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I’d agree with this. The XPS lifted it but the change to a 555 was a significant further improvement.

Thanks for all your input. Appears the 555 improves both analog & digital!

Glad to help, looking back at my post made me laugh, good old iPad spell check changed Klimax to Kilmarnock!

272 with 555 is very special, together with the more modern interface, easy to control volume and able to name inputs even if a 252 or 282 is better I won’t be ‘upgrading’ unless a 372 comes out of course!

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Couldn’t agree more Nitrous!

When I added my 555PS DR to my N272, it revealed that my Manticore Mantra that I had at the time wasn’t as good a source as I originally thought it was.

So, I replaced it with a second-hand LP12, which was a much better match.

I also had to move my speakers 5cm further from the wall, as there was more and better defined bass.

In conclusion, a big improvement all round.

Linn LP12/ Lingo 4 (which has just been fitted)/ Ittok LVIII/ Goldring 1042/ Stageline/ Hi-Cap/ N272/ 555PS DR/ 250 DR/ Neat Momentum SX5i

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