555PS Demo advice

I have a factory re conditioned (new) 555PS DR on demo loan to compare with my old nut serviced XPS2.

It’s good to be remove an annoying blanking plug from the NDS however the sound improvements are not as noticeable as I was anticipating?

Does the 555 need much burn in time? Is it likely too improve?

Although I haven’t compared the 2 PS’s on an NDS, based on my experiences with other components the difference should be fairly obvious.

A brand new 555PS will take the best part of a month to level out. But this shouldn’t be an issue. It should be doing its thing to a significant extent from day one. After a few days, say between 3 and 5, take it out and revert. It is likely (not certain but likely) that you will hear more of a difference than you were anticipating.

Difficult though it might be, try to just sit back and enjoy your music for a few days. Don’t listen to the 555PS. Listen to your music. All will be revealed. And if not, you will have a lot of money in your pocket. It’s a win either way.

A second 555PS (non DR, with years of playing time on it) made an obvious and immediate difference to my NDS. There was no going back. On another occasion, I put a 555PS in my system in place of XPS2 and couldn’t see a benefit worth the cost. I listened for a long week end and took it back to the dealer. It was only when I put the XPS2 back in and warmed it up, that I understood what the 555PS had been doing. I ordered one later that week.

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I recently changed. To. 555dr from an XPS dr,and the difference was immediately obvious, one of those eureka moments. This was on an NDS.

Have you relaxed your burndies, apparently it’s fundamental to get the best out of it?

At least 50 hours–even more if they replaced the Caps


I installed a new 555DR into my system just over 24 hours ago to replace a 2010 XPS (non-DR). My NDS has never sounded better and I’m already enjoying a massive improvement in musicality. A very happy man!

I think I’m getting better results than with the demo unit I had - the difference being much more time spent on setup and cable dressing.

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@Diver41 with all due respect what is your yardstick for 40 hours?

In any event although I made the change to a 555 on my CDS3 and was delighted with the upgrade I do think we get a bit carried away when eulogising about the improvements we gain from our upgrades. Might it just be that @CDI is making a pretty sensible judgement - as he sees it?



50 Hrs–the figure quoted to me by a Factory authorised Naim Tech–his words -I merely pasted.

Obviously YVMV–I’m ok with that


I haven’t relaxed the burndys so will try that - they also are brand new out of the box. My dealer is pretty relaxed so will hopefully give me plenty of time to decide. Just need to find the time to get some serious listening done.

I did strangely find spotify quite listenable which hasn’t been the case before - garbage in garbage out etc - that’s the last thing I expected
Maybe it was just the song selection? up to now when my daughters take over with their Spotify I have leave the room like an old fossil !

Will post the final outcome soon as it’s done

One of Naim’s strengths is based on power supplies and the beefier the better!
555 non DR is really good, DR even beter.
I go along with the idea of not listening to what you have just put in the system, or even bought especially as its £6K+.
My buying practice is, I hope, have you the funds to buy it? Then a demo in your system. at leasure. Then it goes back to the dealer and if you really miss it then its for you. They should fit it in your system when spending this sort of money.

Good advice. Upgrades don’t hit you over the head, they bring out subtle improvements in detail and dimension.

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PS555 on CDS3 is a great combination !

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I agree!!

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I think it’s quite rare for an upgrade to hit you over the head, as you put it, immediately, and take time to prove their worth or not. That said, there have been three upgrades over the years that have been instantly jaw dropping. One was changing from a Nait 5i to a 122x/150x and one was changing from a 252/Supercap to a 552 (two ends of the spectrum there). The third was swapping from XPSDR to 555PSDR on my 272. Absolutely astonishing. It didn’t take 50 days, 50 hours or even 50 minutes. It was clear instantly that this was a great leap in performance. Not a great leap in straight hifi speak but in terms of sheer musicality and engagement with the music. That said, back in day I put a 555 on my then CDS3 and while it was a good improvement it was nothing like that on my 272. I’ve never heard an NDS and maybe the difference between the two supplies isn’t so significant, though from what I’ve read it is. Still, one person’s massive is one person’s modest, as with so many things.


Just so you know how to relax the Burndies - hold the cable connectors so that they are aligned to fit the box male and then let the rest of the cable swing back and forth until the Burndy connectors would fit without any twisting.


There is also the massaging. I get hold of the burndy near the plug with one hand, and a few inches along with the other. Then flex the Burndy to and fro in all directions. Then work along to the other end in the same way. This will make it a lot more floppy. Once that’s done the aligning the plugs and waving to and fro is a lot easier. This applies only to the burndies with the stiff plastic outer sheath.


Took my XPS dr off my NDS and put on a 555
Huge difference immediately
Wife said …that sounds nice (unheard of!)
Took it off again 3 days later
Wife said…ohh that’s not as good as the other day…what have you done?
Told her
“I don’t usually hear any difference but I can now” was the reply

That’s what I found, doing exactly the same swap out. It was instant and v noticeable. Back then I was unaware of fondling Burndy cables to get them going, and cable dressing, so there was more to come.

Maybe the 272 is the Naim box that responds most to a PS uplift.

That’s what my wife says.

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