555PS DR servicing - impressive improvement


No problem. I think all CD555’s can be a little glitchy. Mine doesn’t like direct sunlight, which can sometimes warm it up a bit. They do load the latest software when it’s serviced, so this may make it a little less quirky? There were loads of tants and caps replaced along with the mech.

It took around three weeks to settle down with the newly serviced/DR’d supply but well worth the money I thought.



Reflecting on things, mine’s from late 2007 so I think deserves a bit of TLC.

I’ll investigate cost & logistics with my local dealer.

Completely agree with this!

I managed to get hold of a 2007 model late last summer. Sent it off for a service and swapped the original 555PS for a new 555DR after being offered a great trade in from the dealer and added the Super Lumina IC too.

I really enjoyed the Rega Isis I had before but the CD555 is just brilliant.


Relative to a new ND555 (inc the ancillary needs too), I think the CD555 is a bargain on a pre-loved basis. OK you’re limited to 16/44 (& HDCD) but that’s not so bad.

I do wonder about the longevity of the streaming/network player kit, as this remains ‘new frontier’ to me and, it’s obvious, to get the best out of it you need to ensure your domestic wi-fi et al is properly set-up, which isn’t easy in my house.

I agree. I was a very late adopter of CD and didn’t get really convinced until around 2002. I suspect I’ll be a very late adopter of streaming. Too much playing around for my taste. I also get the uneasy feeling that there might be a sudden technology jump that could render expensive stuff obsolete very quickly.


That’s the issue I have. The CD555 is a bit of a bargain at current used prices and could eventually increase in value over time (so long as spare laser mechs are still available). Who knows what a ND555 will be worth when the new model is released in a few years time. The streaming platform is still too much of a moving target for me to take aim at so I don’t mind sitting it out with CD for a while yet.

Who knows, you could be picking up a ‘bargain’ ND555 in a few years time to slot in to the place of the CD555.


Yes the servicing should comprise this below quite comprehensive.
One quirk I’ve observed since tho–some discs, especially CDRs (Tai Yuhens/etc)
will not seat properly on the drive mount --they appear tad tight and will not place evenly giving the
dreaded ERR ! on Play. Seemed not a problem before the refurbishment.
Oh and not forgetting the “new” crispy clear Logo :smile:


It is quite boring if your amp is away when it is being worked on. Only just 6 days of not hearing my naim, I’m already going insane.

Hi all:
I have a ndac with 555ps ,it’s time to recap ,did you suggested to tkake in place an upgrade to 555ps dr ?
I was told that old device like mine ndac prefer old 555ps than the new one 555psdr.
Can you help me ?
Tks Giovanni.

I have a 9 year old XPSDR, recommended service time is 10 or 15 years? (first poster says its 15Y)

Hi Giovanni -

I don’t know on this. I suggest starting a fresh thread/subject with this question.

I understand 10Y (500 series kit is suggested to be 15Y).

The 555DR is a definite step up from the older 555PS in my experience…

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I agree with Svetty. My 555ps came back much improved after a recent service and DR’ing. So much more realistic in the way notes start and decay. I was very impressed with the way you can follow every musical line no matter how tiny or powerful.

connected to my NDAC that is an old device I was told that it would sound better with a recap of the old 555ps, also because all the power lines are not totaly replaced by the 555ps.
the 555ps dr sound very well with the new devices.
what can you recommend then:
NDAC with 555ps recap, or upgrade to 555ps dr, do you have any experience in this regard?
the cost of the two solutions is very different little or more than double for upgrade to 555ps dr, let me say 1100 £ for recapping and 2300£ for upgrade to 555ps dr. maybe some discount is possible…
tks Giovanni.

are you sure the service is not about £560 and DR about £2400?

Nope ,in Italy i was told 1000€ or 2200€ with discount, maybe ,but probabily i confuse £/€, D:
Advice on this itopic :555ps vs 555pd dr is highly appreciated.
Thanks Giovanni

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If Naim wanted to they could make their gear more or less independent of cable dressing.

But the things they’d have to do to achieve that would make it sound like all the other normal bland hifi gear.

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On the other hand in 2016 i swapped a 2010 CD555 head wth a 2013 one and the difference was pretty noticeable, (both joyned with 2013 twin 555PS DR)
In 2018 i bought a 2009 CDX2-2 which seemed a bit “Off” and dull from the start, i will bring for a full service asap. In fact i recently serviced another 2007 CDX2 i use with nSat and it’s got now a sweeter and clearer presention.


That’s very true.

That’s why I spend a considerable amount of time dressing cables.

Luckily, this does not happen often :wink: