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Hi, I am currently using cds3 with xps2 non dr, so will I get an uplift with the 555dr the rest of my system is 300dr nac252 supercap dr these where bought new about a year ago except the xps2 it’s second hand and is eight years old.

I found the 555PS to be streets ahead of the XPS2 when I tried one on my nDAC. Initially, I preferred the 555PS over the 555PSDR but that was before I had other ‘DR’ black boxes in my system. When I later tried the 555PSDR again having already put in a 300DR and SupercapDR, my opinion reversed. Given you have 300DR and SCDR, I’m sure you will find the 555PSDR hugely better than the XPS2 on your CDS3. DR products seem to have some synergy.

Thanks for reply I can’t home demo but reviews seem to be quite good for this power supply.

With Naim, the more you spend the better it tends to sound. Its how their business works.
Only you can decide if the extra money is really worth it.

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I went from non DR XPS2 on my CDS3 to 555DR. Far more resolution, more dynamics, bigger soundstage, just more of the music.



Yes you definitely will - the 555DR is a very noticeable upgrade and once you hear it there’s no going back. It will also serve you well with any further upgrades in your main system. It also matches really well with the NDX2 if you move down the streaming route. Enjoy the move its expensive but a good step.

There’s a lot of debate on this subject. I have an NDS with 555PS and the CDS3 with XPS2 which I have just had serviced.

The XPS2 was meant to be mated with the CDS3 when it came out.

To me I think the 555PS is great with the 555PS and if I could afford it I would have one on the CDS3 too!

I have CDS3 with 552/300DR and had XPSDR which sounded sweet and really lovely. I had the opportunity to get a new 555DR 2 months ago at a bargain offer from my dealer so I went for it. It is a lovely upgrade which continues to improve. More detail, resolution, space and oomph. Just lovely!! If you can afford it…do it, I think you will be pleasantly suprised. I changed my speakers just before the upgrade to 555 from Fact 12’s to Titan 606…really loving them as well!!


I know it’s not the same but

I went from xpsdr on my NDS to none dr 555

That made a huge positive improvement…so you should be safe enough with your investment in a 555 either dr or not


I have a CDS3 / XPS2 (non DR) and NDS / 555DR.
I have spent some time swapping the power supplies between the two and I think I prefer the CDS3 with the XPS2. Just a bit better balanced.
It’s not cut and dried though as the fact that I’ve tried the different combinations several times demonstrates.
The CDS3 with the 555 has more weight and scale, and yes a bit more go, but I find it can be a bit harsh and ‘in your face’ on occasions.
My XPS was serviced less than 2 years ago whereas the 555DR is 8 going on 9 years old and probably getting ready for a service.
The service certainly did the XPS a power of good and I feel my 555 maybe has a bit of pre service sound about it… but audio memory is a fickle thing…
I don’t have any Naim amplification, or speakers that get enthused over here so best take what I say with a pinch of salt! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes. Noticed a small but beneficial upgrade when I went XPSDR to 555DR on my NDX2

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Thanks for your comment it could be the speakers aswell that some prefer xps to 555ps.

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@JimDog I think this thread is right up your alley


I will add that with the NDS going from XPS to 555DR is a no brainer

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When I demoed my NDS I was using an XP5XS on my ND5XS.

The dealer used the XP5XS first on the NDS and then switched to a 555PS. Even the dealer was gobsmacked at the difference. Buying the NDS and 555PS at the same time was a no brainer.


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