555ps dr

Is the 555ps dr that good.?

Oh yes!

First time I lived with one was on my NDS.

Only one word for it…Blimey!

I am seriously looking at buying a brand new 555dr.

Had one brand new on NDX2 for last 7 weeks. Superb piece of kit and still getting better. Subject to approval from higher authority I am hoping to connect to an ND555 later in the year.


Very nice hope you do.

Do you think the ND555 will give you as much of a lift as the 555PS DR?

No need to pay new prices, there are usually some pre loved examples around at nice prices and no difference in performance.


Can do all three with a home demo so will find out later in the year. I would hope for more of an uplift but the law of diminishing returns does kick in at some point.

Not sure it’s that simple.
Especially if you measure ‘returns’ as ‘enjoyment of music’.

Never stop enjoying it, was talking more about material perception of an improvement. A dangerous subject I know.

Agree. We need to be careful suggesting people buy new! Checkout via the usual places what a 5 year old power supply goes for. As always pre owned represents great value for money, without the need to wait.

Ex-demo units from a Naim dealer can also throw up a good deal also, and with a full warranty.

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I’ve found that some used prices can be too close to what a dealer might offer. That was definitely the case with a 555DR I bought 2 years ago.

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Dealer prices have been so close to S/H I’ve gone down that route and kept the support line open.


Sounds like I need to have a stronger word with my dealer!

Helps to keep them onside.

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I’ve got a new one coming next week to go with my NDX2. I’ll report on progress once it’s settled in.

Yes, I would always try to obtain Naim kit ex dem or pre loved from a dealer, my dealer preferably, even though you may pay a little more. Good value, supports the dealer and some warranty. It is all good.

I replaced the XPS DR on my NDX2 with a 555PS DR and the difference was well beyond what I was anticipating, we’ll worth the extra cost.
I’ve since been fortunate enough to replace the NDX2 with an ND555 and the result is sublime.


That’s an interesting observation. My dealer allowed me an extended home demo of both an XPS-DR and a 555PS-DR with my NDX2.

I found the XPS-DR changed the sound, and not in a good way. The lower treble frequencies seemed to be boosted and the mid-range had a glassy tone. I didn’t enjoy the effect and decided the NDX2 running on it’s own power supply was preferable

Adding the 555PS-DR resulted in a clear improvement across the board with a significantly tighter bass response as a clear benefit

It’s odd that the two different models of power-supply had such distinct effects; I would have thought that the worst outcome would have been to not hear any difference.