555ps dr

Just got my new 555ps dr yesterday after 8 week wait and i absolutely love it with my cds3…


Great upgrade :heart_eyes:

I know it’s difficult to put into words but how would you describe the difference from the XPS.

A lot more money spent and a glow of superiority…


Warm very focused bass is tight the vocals and instruments are in proportion. it’s hard too put into words but it more black in background gets deeper and more space in soundstage. It’s amazing.


Often some debate about whether XPS or 555 is better but from my experience Naims upgrade path always seems to work out.

Enjoy all your new CD’s

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I had the xps2 for 8 years the 555 is definitely better listening experience very easy to hear the difference between xps, 555 on my system.


I just swapped an XPS DR with a used 555 DR on my NDX2. It brings more of everything really, generally a more open, refined and engaging presentation. I’m very happy with it.

Having said that, I think it’s only value for money if found second hand. The new price for me is too high for the benefits over the XPS DR, and I’d prioritise the investment into Superlumina first.


Went from XPSDR to 555PSDR on my 272. Wonderful and well worth upgrade :pray:


Interesting comments Mike, in your opinion then, do you believe SL has made more of a difference?

Mike’s views on this differ very much from mine. I found a very very much bigger improvement from a 555 than a full loom of SuperLumina. In my view cables are the icing on the cake, and that it’s best to get the cake right first. In your system I’d definitely be doing the power supply first, unless bargain used cables pop up of course.


My comment is more about value for money across the system. The 555PS, XPS DR and Superlumina are all excellent products and there is always a balance to be found between investment and improvements to sound quality.

I think you already have the S/L on the NDX2 anyway? As an example though, an XPS DR and the S/L on the NDX2 is roughly the same cost as the 555PS with the standard interconnect, so if you are working to a set budget, that is a comparison worth looking at for sound quality. Likewise with the speaker cables or the PS to pre (I think this only applies in the 252 and 552?).

Anyway, I’m a big fan of the S/L full loom, I’ve had it since my SN2/NDX2/XPS DR set up. I have found that it really gets into the depth and nuance of the presentation and brings that extra emotional connection to the music, it just does everything better and provides a real polish to the system.

In your setup I’d certainly suggest comparing an XPS DR and S/L versus a 555PS if working to a budget, unless you have a further end goal that influences the order of things,


What is meant by ‘full loom’ please? Is it interconnect and speaker cable both the same type?

Interconnect, the Din to XLR leads between pre and power, and the speaker leads.

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I don’t remember any convincing debates about this.

555dr on ndx2 was a big upgrade over the xpsdr
Well worth it

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I took the 555DR off my Naim DAC a few weeks ago.

I was surprised how good the system sounded without it.

But as I listened for a couple of hours I was increasingly aware that something was missing.

The music sounded slightly blurred.

It was a delight to put the 555DR back in.


To be clearer……these cables can be any length (but both loudspeaker cables need to be the same length) and all have to all be Superlumina.

I’ve just calculated the cost of going full loom Superlumina… gulp!

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555PS was a huge upgrade over XPS with my CDS3 with hiline and powerline in an active 52/250 system. No experience with super lumina however.

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