555PS (non DR) vs XPS DR on nDac?

Anyone who have made the comparison?

Different sound quality or just different presentation?

Would be interesting to hear your views!

If you can stretch to a 555PS then do it.

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In my experience the Naim DAC really seemed to benefit from the non DR 555PS over anything else.
In my experience, the non DR 555PS was quite preferable over the DR 555PS… so you might find a deal, though it might need recapping… if so I’d recommend keeping the non DR regulators.

Note this in my experience is unique to the NDAC. Everything else I have tried benefits from the DR 555PS.
The non DR 555PS seemed to allow the NDAC to settle into a more comfortable and ‘organic’ sonic presentation. The DR 555PS seemed to remove some of the verve and character albeit it was arguably a slightly more pristine presentation… but ultimately this sort of pristine presentation didn’t play to the NDAC strengths in my opinion.

BTW still pay attention to the quality of the inbuilt powersupply, since with an extra PSU this is still used to power the crucial front end digital as well as control circuitry. I found a Powerline was beneficial to my tastes.

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I have “borrowed” the 555PS from my CD555 to run it with my ND5 X2 / nDac (still evaluating but think I like it a lot).

Question arise because it seems I can potentially source a used XPS DR for about 1/3 of the new list price.

Maybe I should instead should aim for getting a used 555PS DR for my CD555 and stay with the 555PS on the nDac?

Ok cool, I would stick with that 555PS non DR on the NDAC. The XPS(2) really doesn’t add that much in my experience… certainly compared to the 555PS non DR.

Now the CD555 is one of the Naim components I have not owned or listened to at home so I can’t comment from a sonic perspective. However given its design age I would again check whether it’s DR or non DR it sounds happiest with for you…

Hopefully some other members will chime in with their personal experiences on the CD555

Bought my CD555 used and it came with the standard 555 PSU. Was offered a great trade in deal on a DR over getting the old one converted and it was a very good step up.

I think the OP’s suggestion of getting a DR 555 for his CD555 and using the standard 555 on his nDac is a sound one.

For me it could have come down to sample variance. I heard noticeable improvements when I added the XPS-DR to my nDAC (albeit break-in still was needed). Sounds silly but massaging the Burndy cables did seem to help (my room, system, ears etc). At the time, finding a (non DR) 555ps here in the States wasn’t an easy task.

As others have noted, and ime, the non-DR 555PS works beautifully with the ndac. Made for each other I recall from a few years ownership.



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