555ps x 2 or 555ps dr x 1?

As per image my analogue 555PS supply is at the top of my brawn stack, as it likes some fresh air around it :sweat_smile: ATB Peter


Thanks PeterR…

And thanks for the pictures…

It goes without saying…. you have a superb system.

I have just purchased a second 555ps….this one is DR…
So looking forward to plugging in after work and hopefully being delighted with my purchase?


It is a fabulous upgrade so there will be nothing not to enjoy :partying_face: Get those tunes going Peter

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@Wenger2015 Well? :thinking:

Probably still speechless with the improvement ! :sweat_smile:

But hopefully at least his hands are still working :wink: ATB Peter

Unfortunately due to work commitments I have been working 24/7 ……but hopefully tonight is the night :crossed_fingers:


Ace ! :+1:

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….in your own time! :joy:


No doubt there will be the usual run in time for the 555dr….

So I am not expecting too much to soon…

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Well Wenger, if you can’t tell a difference straight off, I’ll eat my gardening hat and I tell you, that’ll take more than a few glasses of vino to get down. :flushed::wine_glass: Best Peter


There should be a very noticeable difference from the off. Wider soundstage for one, as I recall.


What i have always found with burn in is, that you should get an uplift from the off, but this only lasts a day or so and then it can go through many ups and downs before it returns to the first switch on point.
As i say no uplift from the off then its not going to happen or you can’t here it, for whatever reason, after that you will fool yourself its better, because it must be right.


After all I have read about using 2 x 555ps……,
Well…… I’m not usually lost for words…


Erhm…… is it safe to say, that it’s that good from the off? I need cheering up so please expand a bit :pray: Best Peter

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Absolutely remarkable….

Having not had the opportunity to demo the 2 x 555ps…(1x 555dr)…

You can only go on what has been written and various contributions on the forum ….

So I always like to keep my expectations in check….be realistic….and when one’s system is already sounding extremely good it’s difficult to imagine how it might sound even better…

Safe to say the dr555ps is staying….

Earlier in the thread the comment was made ‘ worth the bucks and not going back’ …. that sums it up perfectly


No need to eat your hat :grin:

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Great news Wenger, tried to send you a private message, but that seemed to go a bit askew somehow :crazy_face: Just you enjoy now, all I can think of is that it more of everything. Best Peter

PS. feel free to contact if you got my email still :+1:t3: Not terribly techie me, doh!

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I noticed the message and within seconds it was gone….?

I’ll email Richard :+1:t3: