5G Broadband for Rural Areas

I’ve been reading the 4G rural thread with interest, but have any fellow bumpkins managed the leap to 5G for home broadband yet?

I’ve had an unlimited 4G deal with EE for a while now and it’s been pretty good (by hick standards, that is - 35/40mbps and even up to 70 when the wind is blowing in the right direction). Helps we have line of sight to an EE mast less than a mile away, obvs.

Now it seems that mast has been 5G enabled and EE’s coverage map suggests I’ll get 'great coverage outdoors and good coverage indoors '.

Is it worth it? Presumably I’ll need an external mast to get the best from it and I’m wondering what benefits it’ll bring. I stream HD via Qobuz quite successfully already -though it does drop out now and again.

Thanks - I do work from home and that would certainly be useful.

I got a tantalising waft of 5G 100 yards from
the house just now. The 5G router awaits patiently for the signal to make it here.

Tbh though, at my current speeds (65-75) it’s fast enough for anything including 2 x 4K streams, so there’ll be no practical difference, I suspect. Same for you. Just nice that no one has to dig up a road to get us fast internet :grinning:

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Yep, I’m inclined to sit tight until 5G loses its price premium. EE charges me £30pcm for unlimited 4G with no noticeable throttling - and with two teenagers in residence we’re gobbling around 700gbs of data for that.

I hate to suggest it yet again - but Three is £20 with unlimited data. Assuming you get a half decent signal, it’s a no-brainer.

Thanks. I tried out 3 a few years back and found the signal a little weak here, alas. Ditto Vodafone and as for O₂ ,well you couldn’t even get 2G from them.

Such is life for we quaint woodland folk.

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