5italic or NAC 112/NAP150

Hello all…while very happy with the new to me 5italic, the opportunity to buy a NAC112/NAP150 has come up.

Anyone here has the chance to compare the two?

Thanks in advance

Yes, I ran both for a good few years in different rooms. To be honest I think the nait is the better buy. Unless you also add a flatcap to the 112 the sound quality is much the same.
If you want to improve on the nait it maybe better to save and wait for a nap 200 with the best nac model you can run to, either the 112 or 202. If you do get a 112, I wouldn’t look for a 202, I found the differences marginal. Get either a 112 or 202, and then much further down the line jump straight to a 282 if you get bitten by the upgrade bug.

The weaknesses here are the NAC112 pre-amp and the pre-amp power supply in the NAP150. The NAP150 is a great amp so long as the pre-amp is not reliant on the basic pre-amp supply within (i.e.you use a Flatcap). The NAC112 was replaced by the superior NAC112x and the far superior NAC122x. I would look for one of the latter for not a great deal more money.

I would rely on Richard’s summation. I have never run the 122 or x models.

I’ve had both and prefer the Nait 5i.
As others have said the 112/150 needs a Flatcap before it sounds anything like decent.
I’d keep the Nait and spend your money on something else.

I can second that. 112/150 was the least convincing Naim amp I owned. Nait 3 was more enjoyable. 202/200 was FAR better.

I kept my 112/150/FC for less than a year.

Unless the 112/150 is very cheap, I’d stay clear of these.
112 very hard to resell and not repairable as far as I know (volume)
150 is old and will need service anyway, cost much more than its worth.

If you want upgrade 112/150 is not a solution

Wow, that went downhill quickly. I have no issue with the 112/150 but like the 92/90 before it, it really does need a flatcap to become an excellent introduction to the Naim sound. It just isn’t an upgrade over the Nait 5i imo.

Thanks to all for the feedback…. In the meantime I’ve located a Supernait - see how that goes!


As they say in Yorkshire , that’ll do!


Thats an entirely different solution no matter which edition.
Although a 5i amp is quite good in itself.

I would consider Naim Nac 72 with 140 and possibly HiCap all olive as a good upgrade over the 5i. Half size shoe boxes look very cool as well.

I went from Nait 5Si to an 82 HiCap 250 system.

Was a massive improvement.

72 is very well regarded.


No stranger to shoebox audio… still using the same Cyrus 1 & matching tuner since 1986 & the matching Mission 70II bookshelf speakers… never misses a beat.

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