6 box layout ideas please

OK, Stockholm (rear view) arrived and I’d like some thoughts on how best to organise:

300DR + PS (still awaited)
552 + PS
ND555 + PS

Thanks in advance!



Are boxes allowed on top, or just inside?

Sorry, just inside the 6 compartments.


If only you were keeping the 250. You could have had a brains / brawn split with 250 in the middle.

Assuming all in the rack I’d go

Top : 552 - 300 - 552PS
Bottom : ND555 - 300PS - 555PS

And compare to

Top : 552 - ND555 - 552PS
Bottom : 300 - 300PS - 555PS

No floor - 6 boxes in the 6 compartments.



A lot is determined by the burndies and interconnects. The 300 head unit must be to the left of the 552PS or the interconnects won’t reach.

The wires won’t reach from 552PS to 300 in option 2.

Bugger !

300PS ND555 555PS
300 552 552PS

Possible? Sorry to not check behind for myself but it’s a bit of an operation given the wheelchair.



That won’t work. The 300 head needs to be immediately to the left of the 552PS, but can be one either top or bottom.

Forgive me if things have changed over the years: when I had a 300 and 552, the only way the wires would reach was when the 300 was immediately to the left of the 552PS. Maybe the wires are now longer but could you check. It’s obviously more of a challenge for Graeme to check this stuff and it would be so much better to set it up now knowing that the 300 boxes will just slot in, in place of the 250, when they arrive.

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Maybe this would work

ND555 552DR 300HU
555PS 300PS 552PS

Not sure if the ND555 burndies would touch the floor

Thanks so far. One of the things I was trying to achieve was having the ND555 and 552 above and below each other so they would be the only visible units. I could close the doors on the other 4 units (open at the back).


Ive just zoomed and spotted the doors to the left and right of the cabinet.
As Nigel pointed out the 300PS needs to be to the left of the 552PS after checking the 300 audio leads on my rig they are too short so these need to be close together.

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Just to help us, would they ideally be on the left, right or middle as you look from the front?

Looking at the length of 300 audio leads it may be possible (just) to do the following as the audio outputs on the 552PS are on the left of the PSU if you are facing the front of the 552PS

300HU 552DR 555PS
300PS ND555 552PS
DOOR -------- DOOR

Right or middle @hungryhalibut and thanks to @HiFiman for your thoughts.

Tha closing thing is not critical of course. The best cable arrangement will win the day.


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Ok so this is what I’d do. Looking from the front. Have the 552 and 555 in the middle, 552 on top, with their respective power supplies to the right. Have the 300 on the left with its 300PS below.

I suspect that the Din to XLR leads between 552PS and 300 won’t reach, in which case order some longer ones from Wirch Hat. You can put the 300 on the floor while you wait for the leads if that becomes necessary.

Thanks @hungryhalibut - so similar to @HiFiman but with the power supplies on the right swapped top and bottom? Not sure I’m up for WH din/xlr as I had one with the NDX2/250DR and thought it good but since moving to the ND555/552 I’ve preferred the Naim lead.


Was that the Standard Witch Hat XLR or the Morgana? Either way it could be worth trying the alternative to solve the reach issue and get you the layout HH suggested.