6 Music Artist Collection - Radiohead - 6 Music's Deep Dive into OK Computer

Interview with Nigel Godrich on the making of OK Computer. The record is now 25 years old. He was just 25 when he and Radiohead recorded this masterpiece.


For a long time Kind of Blue and OK Computer were the only non-classical music items I had.

I bought OK Computer just before a summer holiday and had it in my car. We had 2 weeks rain on a campsite in south of France, where we (=my friends and I) had only OK Computer to listen to. A very, very depressing holiday which has turned in a sweet memory everytime I listen to the album again.



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Scary, Chemical brothers “dig your own hole” is 25 this year as well which I still think of as a “new” album … I am rapidly turning into my Dad.


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