60 second skip...(Naim/Tidal app issue?)

Received my ND5 XS 2* just over a week ago. I’m having a few niggles which I’m speaking with my dealer and Naim about, well waiting for Naim to get back me. There is one in partially which is very annoying. I’m hoping one of you could help me get to the bottom of it?

It’s an intermittent issue but one which is getting on my nerves. I will play a track on Tidal (through the Naim app) and the track will play for 60 seconds then go back to the start and play the track all the way through. Can anyone help me sort this issue out please?

*I’ve moved from a Linn system to the ND5 XS 2 and Exposure 3010s2d integrated amp. I know both need running in but I’m already blown away with the performance.


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Plenty of discussions of this and other Naim Tidal issues.

Take a look in the streaming section


I have the ND5XS2 connected to my supernait 2
Running Tidal through Naim app with no issues at all.

Have you had any issues yourself? I know you’ve just had the ND5 like myself.

Yes, I had and still have …

20/30 sec before playing a track
10/15 between a track and the next one
5/10 while playing a track


OK thanks for letting me know. I’m a total newbie when it comes to streaming so I obviously thought it was something I was doing wrong. I feel strangely relived.

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