62/140/hi going for service how will the NAIT fill in

I have bit the bullet and sent the 62/HI/140 for service. They are original chrome bumper unserviced from 87 and 88. Just seem to be harsh and shouty at anything above 9 o’clock, medium volume. In the meantime I have put the NAIT 2 also 1988 into my main system Meadowlark Kestrel and very upgraded Planar 3 with Lehman black cube SE and Dynavector 20x2.

So how does it sound? Well very good. I saw an old post of mine from 2003 that I thought the NAIT was better in the midrange and I still do. but it is soft on the bottom end. However I eventually bought the 62/140 to get more dynamics and better bottom end. More detail. That seems to be still true but the NAIT at this point is so much smoother and engaging in the mid range.

I hope the serviced equipment comes back and fits back in with a cleaner sound.



They will. A service is definitely not to be under estimated. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I am pretty much spending on service what I originally paid for them.


Good call but you will go through a period of learning the sound of the “new” system, as I found with a 722/140 recap a few years ago. All will be well once you get familiar with the refurbished sound. Let us know what you hear on return.

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After my 82 service, I was told it will take up to a month to run in, so bear that in mind. Although when I got it back, it was great straight away

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Thanks. yes I was told that too. normal enough.

So the service from NAIM in Canada is awesome. the units are already done and coming home. Will update when they arrive. With covid and Christmas vacation might have time to give it a good work out.



All hooked up again. first thoughts. The nait2 was nicer in the mids. However it just doesn’t control the bottom End and gets confused at volume.

Second thought. the system sounds fixed! everything plays the way it should.

Bass is solider and more controlled. Treble sweet and detailed. I do find it a bit forward and hard sounding at times but they say it needs to break in. If it’s good now than it will be really good broken in.

Surprise benefit. sound stage has more air/ breath and is more stable. hard to describe but a serious upgraded benefit.

Unrelated plugged Rega planet in after a year not using it and it has an MSB link Dac III cd is just not as good. Can be OK but the old planar 3 with mods and dynavector dv20x2 with lehman black cube SE is just so much nicer to listen to.

Will check back after some brake in.



Hi Ken,

Good to hear of your successful service, yes everything may be a little forward I would give it a good few weeks to run in properly.

I had the same 62/140/HC and very good it is too, my son enjoys it now and hopefully for a long time to come.

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