72 bottle neck?

Have a good deal to p/x my present LP12/Ekos1/Cirkus/Lingo1/Kore to a much bettter spec one with a Radikal/Keel/Aro/Tiger Paw counter wheight and top plate/Urika and a Chris Harben plinth keeping my present ESCO Troika.

I know source always comes first but will this be a bit over the top if using my existing and recently serviced olive 72K/HiCap/250 which I don’t intend to upgrade?


Not at all - I started updating my LP12 to SE status with a NaitXS and it always showed every improvement easily. Sure, the whole system sounds better with 52/SC/135s now, but it was always clearly capable of showing upgrades upstream.

One of those steps was 72/HC/200, by the way.

I personaly think speakers come first. You can hear vast differences in amplification if you have a good pair of speakers when you like their voicing.

I’m old school. Garbage in, garbage out but you’ve got a point there. These days I’m much more fussy with the speakers I use than before and I try to keep my system as balanced as possible.


No, you will be nicely suprised what your 72 can pass on.


Sounds like a lovely deck…I agree with those above- maxed out LP12 will always bring the goods. Your amps will have no problem delivering the increase in resolution and decreased noise floor.

Oh, and I would demo a really good IC from the Urika to your 72. This will def pay off :+1:

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Kota, your amps are absolute classics and we’re designed around the LP12. I would happily live with your system whether you upgrade the Linn or not. I would similarly run the Linn with a Nait if needed. Def source first here.


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Thanks for the input, guys. I think I will go ahead then. All I need now is to find the dosh which is a not an inconsiderable amount as you might expect. A good deal but still expensive for my wallet.

If you do go ahead, make sure the Aro comes with the original naim audio counter weight - you may prefer it :+1:

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Good point - I tried the Aro Skale at the time and it wasn’t for me.

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Will do. Thanks

Interesting choice of LP12 Kota. Is it the Aro that particularly attracts you to it? If you like your present deck with Ekos you could probably pick up a used Urika 1 cheaply as Linnies upgrade to the U2. Or are you wooed by the CH plinth? They are lovely!


It’s actually the Keel subchassis which has an Aro cut so no chance to use it with my present Ekos which obviously fits my Kore Linn cut perfectly. The CH plinth also caught my attention no doubt.

Of course, but if you prefer the Ekos I didn’t think it made sense. If you prefer the Aro then it looks like a very smart move Kota. I am sure either deck will delight through your 72. It’s phono card will become obsolete with the Urika of course.


I think it’s worth living with an Aro for a while. It is such a lovely arm, and the Keel elevates it to an impressive level of performance. I only traded mine for an SE due to better compatibility with the Kandid (which I no longer use :stuck_out_tongue:).

There is less between those two than many would like to believe, IMO.


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