803 D4 Nap300DR - upgrade to amp or add subs? The bass seems to lack grip

I am not suggesting changing to Roon…if you can avoid it…its another link in the chain…absolutely… A good switch and psu will help… speaker positioning and room treatment would make a big difference if that can be tollerated…
When I added GIK acoustic panels that was quite profound and very worth while. The NAP 300 has very good current capability…so the amp should drive those B&W’s well. The 500 may not have quite the same cureent but it is a bridged amp so the earthing of the speaker is very different…which effects the percieved drive…for the better!

Hey I am using an Ndx 2 with my cds ripped to a Core and mostly Tidal these days.

Speakers are now isolated and I added a PSU to the NDX2 and that’s changed everything.

The amp is a good for me. I doesn’t seem to be the issue here but will at some point play with it…

I have had a quick read through…and it seems you have quite a big room…those B&W’s need to be whipped into action…a NAP500 should do the trick you need a home demo…but I would love to hear the Musical Fidelity M8is driving those speakers…(an amp that would really take those speakers by the scruff of the neck - check out the HiFi Riff)

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