808 inbound

Well done a deal on some titan 808’s today, so hoping that they work well in my room and that what i have been told about placement is true.
I know that it might be a bit challenging or a compromise in my room right now, but looking forwards we look like we will be moving in 2 years time, so things will change anyway.

Hoping for more off everything really, but lets see.


Gloss black ones per chance ?

Congratulations! Great speaker! Full report please, o and a pic or two :wink::sunglasses:

No, far to expensive for me them ones, got a so much better deal


Congratulations - am rather fond of mine, I have to say. They are sounding very lovely today (have been working in front of them most of the day).

If run in there isn’t a lot to say - I have seen it said they like to be left in one place for a while (ie they are delicate and travel upsets them :joy:) but don’t know how much that is true. The dem pair I had to start with took around 150-200 hours before I was happy with them, but the second pair were much quicker to run in (and there was a 500 running in with them too). Look forward to hearing how you find them


No it makes sense. The wooden side panels on their compliant mounts need to ‘relax’ again.

Congratulations @Dunc. You will find them quite accepting of close to wall placement, they really are fabulous and versatile speakers. Mine kept improving for what seemed like ages, but I’m sure your system will have them singing in no time.

Quote of the day…:wink::joy:

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Exciting! When is the big day?

Hi tim, i know you and others love them, i almost tried them a few years ago before i hot the pmc’s but was told at the time not to waste my time, so didn’t.
Well since then and more people trying them i decided i would like to try soom, as it looks like they are going to be even happier than my pmc’s as far as placement goes and hopthey can also bring more with them.

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Hope so

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Well still in France for a week, but probably the week after or before, dealer is going to bring them down and set them up

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I much preferred the 707’s to the Fact 12’s in my room when I was auditioning earlier this year. Neither my dealer or I couldn’t tame the bass from the PMC’s in my room but the 707’s were fantastic. As a long time PMC user I’d fully expected to be buying from them again but it wasn’t to be. With that in mind I’m sure you’ll love the 808’s…. Good luck :grinning:

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Annoyingly when I had the opportunity to buy an early pair for £8k someone told me they would never work in my room so I passed (though I had only just bought the SL2s). Yet here we are…

Hope they work well for you.

Probably the same dealer tim? But i was definitely put off, i love my fact 12’s but at the same time i will be very disappointed if the 808’s can’t show them the door.

I have read endless posts, threads on the 808’s and it looks like its a safe bet, but only one way to find out.

These ones are secondhand and nicely run in, so should be any easy test

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Was it Geoff? It was Pete who (a couple of years later) worked to persuade me they could work here. He knew my room and had installed in a room more difficult than this so reckoned they would work here. But speakers are so personal that I could love them in your room while you disliked them

I never discussed with Geoff - it was a coupe of friends / acquaintances who have since abandoned Naim entirely

I can’t remember as back when i was looking to replace my active 600’s, i spoke to lots off people trying to find speakers.
But at one point i had almost set up a home demo with the 606 and 707, as i had ruled out the 808’s at this point due to what i had been told, but in the end i tried the fact’s and liked and had at that point had enough of speaker hunting, so gave in, i probably should have still tried them as i might have then even tried the 808’s? But thats life.

Anyway looking forward to giving these a blast

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I feel I will need to “log off” from this thread. I don’t want to be tempted to upgrading my 606’s :smiley:


Congratulations Dunc, I too love mine and I don’t think they are quite as fussy regarding placement as some others in the range. Look forward to your impressions once you have a listen.

Jealous? Moi?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: