82 phono boards--to pull or not to pull?

Should I pull them out if not using a TT or leave them in?

If you aren’t using a turntable then there could be some benefit to line level inputs if the burden of powering the boards is removed. Just be sure to put them in the NAC82 box so you know where they are should you need to re-fit them in future.

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Wise words Richard how often do we put things in a safe place never to be found again.

My house is a safe place…cannot find anything…

Come across something…cannot remember where the other part is located…

Somewhere In my safe house!


…and if you have any anti-static bags then put the boards in them for extra safety.

I’m just about to take mine out, coz I have acquired a 2018-vintage Stageline

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So no drop in sound quality with removed boards correct?

You may get a little boost.

I just put them back in and the sound seems more balanced. A tad warmer.

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