82 remote volume has failed?

The 82 has only the mute control now working from the remote. The volume was working but today just suddenly isn’t. Any clue as to what I can check or is this something that needs a service fix. Oh, new batteries in the remote and the remote works on other Naim kit.

Probably worth power cycling the 82 (power off both the NAPSC and whatever CAP you are using for a few mins) and then try again.

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Presumably you’ve pressed the pre button…


Check that the knobs aren’t pressed in too far so they’re jamming up on the fascia.

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Hi bruss,

Have you checked if the rubber surrounds on the volume & balance knobs are making contact with the fascia Preventing rotation?
Can you hear the motor(s) working?


*beaten to it!


Tried turning off and leaving a few minutes and then back on. No motor noise and no movement on the rotary dials. The mute button and the numerical buttons work to select the inputs OK.

Have you tried easing back the knob surrounds a little just in case they’re jamming up? Otherwise, over to @NeilS

Thanks Richard, yes they are clear of the fascia even more now.

All clear and no I don’t hear any motor noise at all.

Mmm… sorry to say it sounds like a fault then. :worried:

And you tried pressing pre?

Yes,tried that and as I say the other buttons work to activate the 82 input select and mute. I have also tried going through the menu one by one. Nada on the dials. The remote does work on the 252 and the Nait 5i.

Anything obvious in terms of connections inside?

Oh dear. It sounds as though it’s buggered.

Yep. It is in need of a recap though so perhaps it will be returning home a little sooner than planned.

The connections inside are really robust in the 82, so I doubt the problem would that simple I’m afraid.
You may have read about opto-coupler faults in the 52/82 preamps which affect input switching, certain revisions of the POTS PCB also had one of these fitted to control the pot motors, so it could be that.


Thanks Neil. I suspect I shall have to get up and play with my dials until I get a cancel to send it back for service.

It’s a shame it’s gone faulty, but as you say it needs servicing anyway… It’ll come back in tip top condition and sounding as good as (or better than) new.

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I was hoping it would see me through until a new bit of kit arrives hopefully in August. It can then be away without me needing it for a while.

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This is not good news. I’d get it booked in ASAP (finances permitting) and see if you can borrow a pre from a local dealer.