82/Supercap vs 82/2 x HiCaps

Afternoon all - my 82/Supercap combination is trickling down to System #2 and will connect with 2 x 250s. Current pre-Amp and PS is 102/HiCap into the Power Amps with no problem but I have always felt the sound is slightly strangled. The (rather old) Epos 14s tend to clip, too. So first question: can the 82/Supercap be safely connected to 2 x 250s, simply replacing the 102/HiCap? And second question: would 82/2 x HiCaps be better than 82/Supercap?

Are you saying that the NAP250s clip when driving the ES14s?

I take it they are late models with bi-wire terminals and you are bi-amping?

What speaker cable are you using (and how long)?

Q1: yes.
Q2: no.

Thank you both - sounds like 82/Supercap route is more advisable. This allows me to have one HiCap for the CD3.5, replacing its Flatcap.
And yes bi-wire terminals bi-amped. The Speaker cable is Linn K400 bi-wire. System is in France so cannot immediately verify this but I am 99% sure I am remembering correctly. Assume I can simply swap in the 82 for the 102 and the Supercap for the HiCap, keeping same interconnects?
I have just bought some TQ Ultra black II for main system and this frees up NAC05 speaker cable (only one pair); I could try and buy another pair of speaker cables of matching length? Alternately I have two pairs of QED XT400 speaker cables that I could test against the Linn, but not sure that would be a step up?

82 and Supercap into 250-2 here. It sounds better than 82 and 2 hicaps.

Separate the problem out. Why is the current set up clipping?

The supercap will directly replace 2 hicaps, it won’t directly replace one hicap. You will need to remove the link plug on the 82. Check the connection diagram on the Naim site.

The tripping out of your NAP250s is a concern. under normal circumstances ES14s should not do this. So you are bi-amping? I guess if using the LK400 you have split at the amp end so each amp uses a pair connectors? Just don’t connect to just the one amp as the 250 hates bi-wire cable. How long are the cables?

Have you tried just single wiring (you’ll need an F connector at the ES14 end) and trying each NAP250 on its own? When are the 250s last serviced - they MUST be serviced every 10 years - if left, they go off form very fast as they’re regulated amps.

Is there a chance that French power supply is different from U.K. and is causing the/a problem? I am not versed at all in these things. I do not think I had any tweaks to the 250s before moving them out there. Both serviced at the same time, September 2012, and I am aware the 10-year horizon for another service is looming.
I am sure I am bi-amping if by that it means 1 x 250 is looking after high frequency signal and the other 250 is looking after low frequency signal. The LK400 is split at the amp end and each amp uses left and right channels. Cables are 3.5m length.
I have the opportunity to swap stuff in and out when next out there; this was going to be something to explore this summer. Noted about a single 250 not liking bi-wire

Probably best to check things over when next there and see what’s what.

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