Hello, I know this subject has been covered countless times before but I really would like a little clarification, I currently have a late 82 with two hicaps all serviced last year, my question is the two hicaps I believe power 4 preamp rails, if a supercap is swapped for the hicaps it still powers 4 rails so why does opinion suggest the supercap sounds better, I kind of goes against accepted naim ideology one box and power supply is an improvement over two hicap power supplies, any help would once again be appreciated, regards to all.

Richard quoted Roy George’s view on one/two transformers here. I think it’s relevant, if not please ignore this.

I’ve no idea why it does, but it very much does. Just try it.

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The logic is that the SC has a bigger transformer (than a HC) and gives a single earthing point (rather than 2 with twin HC’s).

Personally… I run an 82 with 2 HiCaps… :astonished:

Does the Supercap do away with the NAPSC?

I can’t add any technical detail but adding a Supercap to my 82 was one of those big leaps in performance that only happened a few times. And of course it brings the 52 that bit closer.


With a 52 - yes; with an 82 - no. Different voltages.


I can see why single eathing could make a difference. But is the transformer and capacitance in the SC at least twice that of a HC? Not sure that it is.
And an SC into a 82, or 282 still only feeds 4 rails rather than the 10? that a 52 has.

An SC on a 82 or 282 usually leads only to one place…

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Which is why I stick by 2 HiCap’s, with my 82, right or wrong… :expressionless:


Ho hum.

Well to be absolutely honest I purchased a 52/ supercap from the well known auction site, the supercap is a 2002 in vgc the 52 a bit rough around the edges and 1999, I considered both and compared the 82 and 52 and between it was a negible improvement so I considered using the supercap on the 82 and selling the 52, it’s a little more than a 52 service required the case is awful and the remote volume is noisy, that’s what happens when you purchase in haste, regards again.

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