90 day Tidal trail


Anybody else had trouble signing up for the Naim 90 day Tidal offer?

After putting in the redeem code I get a “Page Not Found” from the Tidal site.


FWIW… when I signed up a couple of years ago there was not problems. Perhaps you can send them an email?

The 90 day free trial from TIDAL was enough to convince me to subscribe full time …

I thought that ended last year.

It says on the Naim web site it ends 31st. December 2019.

Could be a typo.



Sent an email, see what response I get.


Are you signing up via the Naim app?

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Yep, tried android and an iPad in case it made a difference.


OK. I signed up last fall. I can’t remember if there were any snags, but I did get signed up without any support. In the end I kept my subscription for a few months and cancelled after I setup Roon and signed up for a Qobuz demo. Now I have Qobuz and no more TIDAL.

I did it by signing up on their website. Once the password and user ID was set and the account up and running, I then logged in via the Naim app in Android

Did you have to put in any credit card details?


How did Tidal compare with Qobuz?


I think Qobuz sounds better. TIDAL high-res above CD quality is all MQA. I can only get the first unfold of MQA with Roon.

Naim doesn’t support MQA, and I don’t want anything to do with more proprietary, license-constrained formats. It’s just a power/money grab for DRM-based licensing, IMO. Qobuz 24-bit is open-standard FLAC format.

Must admit most of my digital music is flac. I’ll have a look at qobuz. Thanks.

The downside of Qobuz is that Naim doesn’t support it natively/directly on their streaming products like they do for TIDAL. However I use Roon – which integrates both TIDAL and Qobuz – so it’s a non-issue for me.

Good point. Can’t justify to cost of Roon.


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Had a reply from Naim -

"We’re experiencing a few problems with our Tidal 90 days trial and hope to have the situation rectified very soon. "

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Had a new NDX2 in March this year
Had same problems as you with the 90 day trial
Discussions with Naim and Tidal and my dealer failed to resolve the problem
In the end I did a factory reset and suddenly Tidal appeared all installed and ready to go
Only one slight problem was that it was only a 30 day free trial, but a quick email to Tidal solved that issue.

Sorted !!!

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Had a reply from Naim saying they were having issues with the Tidal signup.

Tried yesterday and the issues seem to have been sorted and I signed up ok.


For those of us in the US with old streamers (SU) is Qobuz worth the effort? I have the bubble server installed on my QNAP and see the native Qobuz integration in Kazoo. I’m getting Tidal HiFi for $12USD/mo and Tidal’s selection seems pretty good to me. I have a pretty extensive collection of classical AIFF on my QNAP so a better classical selection isn’t super appealing to me.

I’m sure they still offer free trials too, so it’s easy enough to give it a try. I went back to Tidal after trying it, but you may prefer Qobuz.