92/90, enough bass?

hey guys, i’m looking to purchase a 92/90 w/ flatcap

but i’m a little worried that it might lack some bottom end

like the nd5xs2 and nait xs3, that lacks bottom end

and also, which streamer would you guys recommend to match with the 92/90?


Which speakers do you plan to use?

i have an extra set of neat acoustics motive sx2 that i’m planning to use this with the 92/90 as a set for my bedroom.

That looks like a good match to me and I would be surprised if the combined set was bass shy.

Interesting that you mention the nd5xs2 lacking bottom end.
Something I noted when I compared my vinyl setup with my nd5xs2. I always assumed it was “how it was”.
However, now I have a ndx2 and xpsdr, the bottom end is back. And more. Vinyl is my second choice source now, with cd still in third.
Yes you’d expect £8ks worth of kit to sing. But this does.
I’m fortunate to also have a pre/power combo that can drive the bass . But the source needs to supply.

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i’ve good things about the PRT of the 92/90 but with speed, i don’t want the bass to be to lean. i’m really hoping for it to be full. my friends told me it kicks ass and it’s really punchy.

and what naim streamer you reckon i should go for?

i’ve heard it in the shops, the nd5xs2 and nait xs3 combo was really fast and lean. i feel even the uniti star had more low end than the XSs

I don’t use one. Someone else will be able to help you on that. Vinyl, CDs and FM here.

A pair of Naim Credos might give you more bass with the 92/90. Bigger woofer and more benign load AFAIK than the Neat Motive SX2s.

I’m using a Nait 2 (15 Naim watts :grinning: ) driving a pair of Allaes with 8inch woofer similar to the Credos. Source UQ2 feeding Qutest and there’s plenty of bass.

Credos or Allaes would be a nice match for the NAP90.

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Yes the Neat Motive SX2 speakers require more grunt than Credos but both the Credo and the (similar) Allaes are much more revealing and unforgiving than the Neat’s. Both those speakers deserve a top notch source. ND5 XS 2 and NAIT XS 3 should give plenty of bass, even into the baby Neat’s. What cables are you connected up with and are you using NAC A5 that have been made up with the precision of Bruce Lee on the nunchucks? :thinking:

If you want something with a bit of welly, how about a SuperUniti? One box would likely be better for a second system.

Back in the day, I had a 92/flatcap/90.3 set up with LP12/lingo/Ekos and Heybrook HB2r speakers. Base light it was not. However, when I later changed the speaker to more ‘attractive’ PMC GB1’s, it opened up a whole can of worms.
Certainly matching speaker is key. But also I always found the set up without the flatcap lacked authority. So this may also be a worthwhile addition.

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yup, NAC A5 all the way

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