92/90 Flatcap recommendation

Hi there
I’m new to the Naim world having just picked up a 92R/90 combo off ebay to pair with my Linn Ninkas.
Sounds great but was thinking of adding a flatcap/Hicap.
Question is, is there any restriction on which version I can add to the system as quite few variants ranging from one from the same Olive era to more modern versions.
Thoughts and advice welcome !

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No restriction. Any flatcap (or Hicap) will work. However an un-serviced unit may be a step backwards. Also make sure you get the SNAIC5 that came with the units. Black better than grey SNAIC.

Thanks Richard. What’s the rough cost of a service ? And how often is recommended ?

A Flat Cap is all you need, preferable an olive one to avoid a tutti fruitti and maintaining a coherent sound. The gear might also need service (recap) after all these years. Enjoy the pair, they are very special…

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Thanks Haim. The 90/92 were recently serviced by Naim so will look for an olive to avoid the trifle :smirk:

Recommended every 8-10 years. Not sure on cost. You could try Class A too for a factory approved service but at lower cost.

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