99% Full Loom Synergistic Research

It was done in one go, the result a TOTAL system SQ transformation, barely 48hrs in very well known tracks are presented in a different soundstage arrangement, positioning, bass depth (ouch) layering a wide stage and an effortless presentation that flows, bags more detail (vocals, subtle bass shifts, layering, lead vocal clearer, backing vocals now clear not muffled, then quite subtle repeated vocals in the background.

So if 48hrs is a new transformed level of SQ, 200hrs will be something more spectacular, system is running 24/7.

I should hit 200 hrs next Saturday, but from cold the power cables, fuses, usb, ethernet and speaker cable are on another level not a simple step up in SQ. I think the some what recessed midrange and slight HF roll off will disappear.

Though at the moment I think it has shifted from the Naim character in terms of PRaT.

Bar the mains cable to the Cisco switch I have now achieved a full loom and extras of Synergistic Research Foundation Series loom.

To my lowly Nova, Zenith, Focal setup, I have added SR cabling to the Zenith, USB and Ethernet and also speaker cable. In addition the new SR Purple fuse to the mains block, Nova and Zenith.

This adds to MiG 2.0 supports under the Nova (SR power cable) and Zenith and Carbon XFT for the Focals.

Only future upgrades are the SR Network switch, but the power cable and ethernet, put it on par with a Nova RRP.

Would be interested to know what was the cost of the upgrade?

Around £3,000.

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I started out with all Synergistic Research UEF Blue cables and now have a ‘full loom’ of Synergistic Research Atmosphere X (Level 1) PCs in my system. The only outlier is a Kimber Palladian PK10 that goes from my PS Audio regenerator to the wall; all the other SR PCs are plugged into that.
I would agree that they are really quality cables. I was amazed at how well they’ve worked with Naim gear.

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I’ve only ever tried their black fuse. It lasted for a just a few days on trial or return, taking much of the texture out of acoustic instruments and losing microdynamics. I hated it!

I already had an SR Atmosphere Level 1 power cable, also a SR Reference X Ethernet which i foolishly sold.

Listening now another big shift, everything opening up, still fell sound signature has been lost, but very hard to gauge as the level of change is MASSIVE.

I always remember going active in my old system and thinking apart from more control it was all very subtle, even adding supercaps to the SNAXO was negilgible, the SR loom in one is on another level to any upgrade.

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I’m with you on the subtleties comment. Though I cannot claim the SR cables were massive in my system, they were marked in their ability to mitigate any noise coming through. What I mean by that is the silence between passages and overall ‘blackness’ as is typically described is unlike any time I can remember, regardless of system iterations. That may be the reason for my positive impressions. Due to this, spaces between notes and instruments have distinct air and holography with one’s eyes closed; venues and recording spaces coalesce to an appropriate soundstage width, depth and height. There’s a very tangible feel to bass, cymbal decay and with the general overall sound that emanates from the speakers—complex passages are simply easier to follow, and subtle sounds that I cannot recall hearing with such clarity just stand out without me having to strain to hear it/them.

I also cannot say that any particular sound signature has been lost. It still presents itself all-Naim.

Obsidian- Big fan of Synergistic Research. My first experience was their CORE Level 2 Digital Coax BNC cable positioned between my transport and my NDAC. After 30 days I heard the performance that their base line cable was capable of so I quickly traded up to their Atmosphere X Alive Level 1 Digital Coax Cable. Worth every penny. Congrats on your upgrade!

So hit over 200hrs running 24/7 the improvements have since been very subtle, a bit more air and detail, the bass is the same (maybe now time to try forward a few inches).

Shame in one way I cannot say what gave the best improvement, maybe the full compliment of SR Purple fuses.

On a less positive note it has shifted from the Naim signature, if anything now no specific emphasis, just everything naturally hanging together.

I think this will keep me happy for a while, but I do want to try the SR Network Switch.

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