A 21st Place in Time

Just in case you didn’t feel the earth move, we have just past the 21st second, the 21st minute, the 21st hour, the 21st day, the 21st year of the 21st century.
We have to wait a while for a 21 vintage wine & even longer for a 21 year old whiskey made in 21.
But hey ho, it’s nice to be 21 again, for the rest of the year at least.


Arguably can have another shot on 21st Sept 2022: the 21st month of 2021… Reminds me of walking under a ladder when I was 13, which I did 13 times at 13:13 in January (the 13th month) - to prove neither tge number 13 nor walking under ladders bring bad luck. (Though walking under ladders of course can carry risk…)

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