A budding speaker designer?

This afternoon our 7 year old son, James, took it upon himself to design a ‘speaker system’. The first plan he did is for an independent stereo pair with a subwoofer - I particularly like the crossover. He then proceeded to design an ‘all in one’ complete with amp and source at the bottom. He included frequency response graphs too! One day we might get around to building a set based on his concept but I was pretty impressed with his ideas (and his drawings) bearing in mind it has no input from me or anyone else - he just decided to do it this afternoon.


Are the Mission 731s in the background the inspiration?

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I wonder if Roy George or some other undisclosed person in Naim R&D is monitoring this thread, with a view to taking on your young man onto some sort of development programme.

But don’t let him decide too early to concentrate on loudspeaker design. I’m sure that Naim need talented people to work on the next generation of amplifiers, streamers or whatever other electronic boxes of tricks that may be in the works.

Do think about enrolling him at the BMM Institute here in Brighton, where his talents in technology in music will undoubtedly be welcomed and nurtured.

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Quote from Steve Sells:
“ At around 11 years old I was given a big loudspeaker. I took it apart and couldn’t believe how simple it was, so I decided to have a go at making one myself. I went to the garden shed, found a nail, some wire, a magnet and a Cornflakes box and taped it all together. Once it was finished I plugged it into my clock radio to test it. For the next few weeks, I made speaker after speaker.”


I think they may be, with the upside down driver/tweeter arrangement. There is also something about a Tannoy DC to the ‘phase plug’ in the centre of the driver🙂.

It is early days but he certainly has an interest in it. He has just drawn another crossover this morning complete with resistors and inductors. I have a couple of speaker projects in mind in the medium to long term (Omega style full range + power bass and a large open baffle) so it will be interesting to see how he gets involved in the project(s).

Take a look at “snap circuits” eg in Amazon. It’s like Lego but for electronics components.

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I will look into those thank you - after all, Christmas is not too far away.

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