A busy day for a moderator ………

Worse - look under ‘Turntables’ in the Product lists and you’ll find the 222 streaming pre-amp?!

Note the plural ‘Turntables’ ??

The main thing is

It’s a party-proof design:

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Sounds like a challenge! Alas I don’t have many parties.

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Want to enjoy vinyls……:flushed:

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282 and 252 appear to have gone.

My pedant blood pressure has risen somewhat on seeing the comment “want to enjoy vinyls?” on the NSC222 spiel

We all know it’s vinyl…


See my comment above.


The new psu works with the ndx2.

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Could we keep any comment about the new kit on the relevant thread in the Hifi Corner - thanks.

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It does mention Apple Music as well as Airplay 2 - would be great if they’ve managed to get native integration.

Might be worth closing this one Richard.

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