A Cartridge for Well Tempered Amadeus turntable

@MartinM thanks for the info but the issue is also that there seems not to be any distributor in the region where I live.

Hi @osprey, I can see that there are distributors throughout Scandinavia and also Latvia. Would it be worth talking to your dealer to ask.

  1. Could they obtain the cartridge from one of these distributors, or.

2 . If you were to obtain the cartridge, could they fit it for a fee

Hi @MartinM I think that my backup plan would be to obtain the cartridge myself (Baltics or Sweden) I doubt that the dealer would do it for me (of course it does not hurt to ask). Regarding the fitting it might depend if I buy something else from them. There are no immediate other needs at the moment though.

I found out the there is a dealer stocking DV in Tallinn which I could try. It might actually be nice to have a day trip there (two hours by shuttle boat). Sweden is an option too.

Let’s see how it goes. I am still waiting for the clarification concerning the situation in Finland.

If you cannot get a Dynavector, which I highly recommend, maybe van den hul? The DDT II Special or the One Special are very good MC designs. If you have quite a bit more money, the Frog. They all work well in the WT arms.


Thanks @Frazeur1 Van Den Hul certainly looks interesting. However, it seems that the output voltage is 0,65 mV which I believe might be too high for Superline (standard).

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Just a short update on this matter. I managed to obtain a new DV XX-2 MkII cartridge from a Swedish dealer (thanks Ljudmakarn) and also managed to change the cartridge myself without breaking anything, it was a nerve-racking task though.

I did receive a reply from Dynavector and they offered me a replacement cartridge based on the exchange scheme but I would have had to send the old cartridge to Tokyo myself (and deal with the customs etc.). Furthermore the price difference was very small (if any considering the shipping and other related costs).

Thanks everyone who contributed in this thread and helped me in my thought process.


That’s great news and the same cart I use on my beloved LP12. Well done for fitting it. It’s expensive and nerve racking but you did it.

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