A 'crime' help is required

I’ve been waiting for the nd5 xs2 for a couple of months and looks like my odds close to zero. Local dealers told me the most likely delivery time is the Second Coming.
So, I started looking at the other brands and that is what I call ‘crime’ :slight_smile: I’m feeling like a renegade because a couple of months ago I swore blind I’ll buy the Naim’s streamer.
Ok, I’m looking at the Auralic Aries G1. I know the 5si might be not the best mate for this streamer. However, I need to upgrade a streamer first and then look at the better amplifier. Anyway, there is no SN2, XS3, etc around me and dealers look at me like I’m insane when I’m asking about Naim :smiling_imp:
So, I need some help to understand how to interpret the text in the 5si manual, page E19:
[inputs]4 analogue line level suitable for 2V sources (0.5V to 7.0V)
I’m a little bit puzzled about what it means - 2V or 0.5 to 7.0V.
The Auralic Aries G1 streamer has an output level of 4.5VRms. How should I connect this guy to my 5si? Is it safe or should I enable AV bypass mode?

Current lead time for ND5 XS 2 is 18 weeks if your dealer ordered today. If you’d ordered a couple of months’ ago you’d be almost halfway through that by now…(and may have even had one if there’d been an order cancellation and you jumped up the queue). That situation may also improve - it’s a worse-case scenario date (ie if we get no more components/allocated production time for that model.)

Lead time for both NAITs is 6 weeks, incidentally.

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Clare, you are killing me! When I read such things I start thinking I’d hang myself on the very first hook.
Ok, thanks for the help. Excuse my emotions!

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No need to apologise. We fully understand how frustrating it is to wait for products - believe me, we’d love to be in a position to make everything everyone wants, straight away!

But the global shortage of components continues to cause issues on a few of our models, including the ND5 XS2, as does the ongoing high demand across all ranges. Remember, we handmake these products here in Salisbury - we don’t have a huge production line we can just switch on and churn out more stock.


This affecting a huge range of products from new cars to new streamers .

Not just Naim having difficulties

I’m waiting for CD5si. Been many weeks, maybe six already, no sign of it yet.

So any idea how much longer I have to wait… ordered one January 19th

It should be with you by 18 May. So not long to wait now. Oh, hang on…

That does not sound right at all… I would pursue with your dealer, as something’s gone wrong there. Even with the shortage of chipsets we’ve had for this product, the delay hasn’t been that long. So sorry to hear! Thanks for your patience, and let me know if I can help from this end.

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CD5si is another of the affected products - current lead time 10 weeks.

My wife and I went to buy new bikes at the weekend and were told due to shortage of various items that many would only arrive in 2022. Will just have to spend the spare time in front of the hifi in the meantime….

If you got a couple of those infernal exercise bikes you could ride and listen to your HiFi simultaneously


Hi Pauel

If you do go down the Auralic route, I’m not sure the Aries is what you want (unless you already have a good DAC). The Aries is a pure streamer with digital output, so you need to feed it into a DAC and from that to your amp.

Within the Auralic range the most comparable product to an ND5XS2 in price and specification would be the Altair G1. This is a combined streamer/DAC/preamp and you’d just need an analogue connection from the Altair to your Nait 5si. The Altair has a digital volume control, likely not as good the volume pot in your amp, so you’d probably do best to set this at maximum and control the volume with your Nait. If this overloads the input, which I think unlikely, there are menu options to reduce the output level.


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We did try that option but they arrived damaged so we decided to go for fresh air.

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Some makes/ models are even scheduled for 2023 I’m told …

Exactly, it is Altair! Thanks!

Have you thought about a preloved ND5? That might cut your waiting time massively.

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As Clare said, 18 months :yo-yo:

Clare said 18 weeks, not months.


OMG! :face_with_head_bandage: I can’t believe I read week as months :man_facepalming:
Bloody hell. I need to talk to my dealer once again :face_with_monocle: