A dada sound

my stuff: CDX2 (2003)/Hi line (2017)/XPS (2017)/282 & napsc, Hi-cap (2003)/300 non-DR(2013). All with standard power-line lite.

I used to switch on my XPS to power CDX2 at first, then Hi-cap/napsc prior power Amp as a routine.

Last 2 days heard a dadada… sound from speaker when switch on power amp - not a ‘hum’ sound, and it lasted for approx 15-25 seconds before it went normal. I tried to disconnect source input one by one but in vain (as a dadada… remain at time of power amp switched on).

Any bright idea welcome.

Difficult to know what the sounds actually is - is it like mobile phone interference?

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Something like you are switching radio from one to another via a turn button. However don’t think any radio frequency caused the problem as we are at the high floor of an apartment above hill.

Yes this is what I think too. Your mobile phone keeps on throwing out signals (hah tech speak!) you sometimes can hear this when on conference calls. So your own mobile phone, not radio. Was it “dum dum dum dum” about 6 and then nothing!

No it’s a shadadadada…continues sequence without breaking even volume still. Which is unlikely the click sound of a mobile signal, the dada… sound last for less than 1 min then everything goes fine and no further happening.

Wonder any piece needs for recap ?

Btw, I bought a new Naim fraim 2 days ago to house all the boxes and the fraim is being positioned next to the right speaker !

The dadada … sound happened right after boxes positioned in the rack. Is that a reason ? Bear in mind that the ‘dada…’ sound only last for 1 minute then disappeared!

Will try to place the rack away from speaker & see !

Can you record it on your phone and post it here?

Can I?
How to make it ?

I think you can just drag your mp3 file to the edit box

I’ll try later as it only happens once while the power amp is on - after switch off for hours. That’s why I am thinking of ‘recap’ as 282 & CDX2 both at grandpa age but physically strong :muscle:

I used to switch on all boxes in the morning & off at time to bed - I know what Naim suggests to keep boxes on but I am dither to follow the rule as worry for the worst.

Mine have been powered up for the past 21 years :crazy_face:

Even though power Amp ?

Yup the lot, only powered off when going on holiday. I think most Naim users do the same

Yes, I know and the simplest is just to mute the stuff and that’s it.

Well, will try to keep all things on & see if matter will be solved

I think likely as the dada… sound only happens at time of power off and idle for a few hours then switch on !

Actually I usually leave it all on, even when I’m on holiday (I’m not joking).


Mine stays on all the time, except if re-doing connections (rarely done). Also if I know of severe electrical storm and I’m not too lazy, switch -off and for the extra piece of mind unplug it.


Will follow you guys’ footstep & see

Still, I think the dada … sound is a symptom that something goes wrong with my system .

Think positive !
Cheers guys

Hi @Charteralpha not sure why you might expect the worst but certainly you will not be getting the best consistency of sound if you turn everything off every day.

37+ years a naim user here and like others only turned off for equipment or cable changes, longer holiday trips away or if there is a bad local electrical storm.

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Thanks for the endorsement
My belief, unlike the others there must be a reason for the front on/off button (300 power Amp) & that’s why I turn it off every night !

@Charteralpha An interesting view - but a couple of points. Originally the power button may have been placed on the front so you could easily see that it was on, and they did light up to confirm that too, which helps safe operation with less chance of system damage.

Just because you can see a button doesn’t mean that it needs to be pressed more than once :wink:

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