A different Dynaudio question

@Ryder Are you still running the two sets of speakers? The Martens and Harbeths?

I really wanted to try the SHL5+ before I got the Heritage Specials but they are too big - well according to the wife anyway!

Yes, I still have both SHL5+ and Marten speakers but only the Marten is in use in the main system. The Harbeth is currently not connected to any amplifier but I may set it up in the bedroom at some point of time.

It is unfortunate I do not have much space to accommodate both Harbeth and Marten in the living room. In my new space, similarly the SHL5+ is too big. They require a lot of space from the side and rear walls to sound good, in my experience. The sound quality will be compromised once they are set up in the bedroom as I can only give them about 100mm from the rear wall (ideally 600mm+ clear distance from rear wall is required). For slow mellow background music I guess it won’t matter too much.

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Thanks for the reply. What a problem to have - two world class sets of speakers to try and accommodate :grin:.

I have the physical space for the HL5’s - it is just the wife has doesn’t like big speakers in the lounge.

I would have liked to have tried the Marten Duo’s but there was never a demo set to try - more than happy with my Heritage Specials though.

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The Marten speakers look a lot better than the large and boxy looking Harbeth SHL5+ in my current room, placed on the short wall with 3.2m width. More elegant looking. The size of the M30.1/Parker Duo/Heritage is quite good for most rooms. The Dynaudio Heritage will look a lot more elegant in the living space in comparison to the SHL5+ especially when space is limited.

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An odd question. I’m somewhat disabled and do not expect to set up any speaker on my own. What would you consider a fair and reasonable fee for a dealer to set up stands and mount heritage special. It would be the same dealer that would make the initial sale.Wire is in place and the location for the new speakers has already been determined

For such an expensive speaker I would expect the dealer to do it for free. It would take them maybe an hour maximum to put them together - probably a lot less.

agree, should be part of the service.

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Indeed, I’m not aware of any case where a dealer would charge a fee for setting up equipment they have sold you.
Traditionally, Naim dealers would have offered this service as a matter of course, and many still do at least in the UK, although sadly there seem to be an increasing number of cases where they just want to sell you the box and leave you to it in recent years.

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well the heritage comes in 2 individual well packaged boxes, and it quite a heavy speaker.

The build quality is really something else much better than the lower range Focus that I have.


Well, supposedly a 5 week wait and a pair should be mine. I kind of made a mess of things ,upon hearing how difficult it might be to obtain a pair. I worked with a very local dealer and also my naim dealer , 25 miles away. I heard from the local first and then contacted the other, which apparently was also able to place an order, which I asked them to cancel as I had not been aware that they had started the process. I hope it has not ruined that relationship, but they seem extremely upset. Their is no way that I can take 2 pairs (obviously) and I had only asked a few days ago if they could get a pair. If I’d heard from them I would have used them, but I was not informed.

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I am sure they will get over it. After all you are the customer and they will want your business in the future if you are looking to change anything else in your system. If they cannot get over themselves it is their loss - not yours.

Which stands are you going for?

the stands will be the 20’s.I plan to add sand and the only placement is the same location of the harbeths now. The room is not entirely my space , so compromise has to be made but I think it will work properly and at least close to optimal. My one large concern is the tt and wall shelf may be too closed to the rear port. If necessary, the shelf can be moved and their is a space that would work - it’s just a matter of having it done. Also considering Gaia on the stands ,the speakers are basically attached to the stand so it is recommended as if it were a floor stander. We’ll see.

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the stands are fitted with sticky but firm pads which hold the speakers really well. Dynaudio put in the box of my stand 10 screws to fix them firmly but the thought of drilling my new gloss speakers filled me with horror! you can tip the stands to adjust spikes with the speakers on and they dont move - easy o the stand 20 as they are adjustable form the top i think

The Heritage Specials come with pre-drilled holes for connecting the speakers to their dedicated adapter plates - I highly recommend these as they did make a positive difference to the sound quality.


Just saw that hi-fi+ magazine is doing an exclusive review of the heritage special in net months issue. I want to see it, but with luck I may have a pair of my own by then.


Did you ever get the Heritage Specials?

Still waiting, dealer has no information and often they have deliveries sitting on their sidewalk, so for “fun” I often find an excuse to drive past and see what has shown up. I even had a false sighting the other day, they did get a box from Dynaudio, but it wasn’t heritage special. So long as I still have the Harbeth, I guess it is just a frustration. I have no plan to not go ahead - assuming they do show up. How are you enjoying yours?

I’m still loving my Heritage Specials. They seem to get better and better.

Hopefully, you will get yours in the near future.


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