A dozen new Floyd live albums

Pink Floyd have dropped 12 new live albums on streaming services. All are from the period 1970-72. Despite very variable SQ they appear to be official, so I presume they’ve been done in order to extend the rights of the recordings.

They are:

They Came in Peace, Live, Leeds University 1970 Washington University 1971
Live at Grosser Saal, Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany 25 Feb 1971
Mauerspechte Berlin Sportpalast, Live 5 June 1971

Live, Lyon 12 June 1971, Tokyo 16 March 1972
Live in Rome Palaeur 20 June 1971
Amsterdamse Bos Free Concert 26 June 1971 (Live)

Live in Montreux 18 & 19 Sept 1971
KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Live 23 Sept 1971
KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Vol II, Live 23 Sept 1971
Over Bradford Pigs on the Groove Bradford University, Live 10 Oct 1971
Embryo, San Diego, Live 17 Oct 1971
The Screaming Abdabs Quebec City, Live 10 Nov 1971

Fill yer boots!


It must be Xmas!:sunglasses:

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I can see these on 7digital UK as downloadable 16 bit flac for £10.99. and hidden away in Qobuz for £11.99

I think Juno download seemed cheaper, but check (especially to see that VAT is not added afterwards).

I’d give 'em a listen before you buy, they’re nearly all audience recordings…


They are truly awful, unlistenable.

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You don’t like Pink Floyd then? :rofl:


Love them Kev, I was referring to the quality of recordings not the content. Don’t understand why these were sanctioned as the content is better served by the ‘early years’ releases.

Actually, the performances are really good, and across all these releases, often very different. The Quebec one I’m listening to right now is just great. Sure, they’re of bootleg quality, but I’ve always listened to – and enjoyed – bootlegs.

I’d rather listen to these ropey recordings than something sterile and boring like Pulse or DSOT.

They were sanctioned because they’re part of a copyright dump. This first batch may get deleted at some point once their purpose has been served, but I susopect we may see more of these releases in the future.

Ironically, PF collectors will know of – and have – better quality versions of many of these recordings…

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Scraping the barrel by multimillionaires.

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Not a fan of Pulse or DSOT, although massively popular that’s when I started losing interest in them, prefer the earlier stuff.
Never really thought of it in the context of copyright, makes some sense now. Will give them another go as a lot of the content is from my favourite Floyd era.

Interesting - do we assume that they’ve ‘released’ everything pre 1970

I rather like “Pulse”, especially on laserdisc :slightly_smiling_face:

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