A good read during lockdown

If any of you are looking for a good Hifi related read during lockdown, but unable to get down to the newsagents then this for you…


And remember, many dealers are still working and looking forward to a chat on the phone, and are able to provide kit delivered to your door.


Question really is for how long will Salisbury continue to operate and timely fulfil our orders.
I would have expected more proactivity and communication from that prospect.

Well, I’ve been relaying updates on what’s been happening at the factory over on another thread (see below), as they’ve been trying as best as possible to ensure business as usual, while keeping staff safe. For anybody with outstanding orders the best course of action has been to keep in contact with your dealer or distributor. However, with the situation as it now stands, I think we’ll be hearing something from HQ imminently.

Thanks for this Richard

I believe that I heard that Focal Naim America will be temporarily shutting down in the very near future.

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No real surprise. Everyone needs to be safe for awhile. I’m not sure where they are located in Canada but the virus is spreading everywhere quickly.

I understood today that the Salisbury factory was shutting down. All the best to all of them and their families.

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Yes, I gather most of the office and R&D are already working from home and once any outstanding product is finished off then I think we’ll see the factory shut down until the things improve on the Coronavirus front.


Thanks Richard; Should I read that all outstanding products will be built, completed and shipped to retailers before the factory effectively shuts down?

I believe that was the aim, although I’m unsure of when the effective order cut-off point was. If you have something on order with your Naim dealer then best liaise with them for an update.

I am afraid Salisbury does’t communicate much even to their sales reps not to mention their dealers. They literally went down without telling anybody.
While people safety is first and foremost, they could have anticipated, prepared and proactively communicated whether for a 500 series on order or for a PowerLite. This is what a BCP should have included. Customer Support is just not the same since Steven has left.

I think everyone from the Government down to “the plebs” has been caught out by this one.

Naim (much like my old satellite design company in Portsmuff) relies a lot on its experienced staff, so safety is paramount.

I feel it is appropriate to “give them some slack” at this time.

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